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Comvita Anti-Ageing is a new range of products to the mypure website, and this month I have been testing the Nourishing Hand and Nail Cream and the Nourishing Lip Treatment. [I am a member of the mypure blogging programme which means I can choose a couple of products a month to test for free (postage costs go to charity) and share my thoughts with Splodz Blogz readers.]

Comvita products contain clinically researched HUNI XA Manuka honey, proven to support your skin’s natural elasticity and help delay the signs of ageing.

Comvita Nourishing Hand and Nail Cream

Comvita Nourishing Hand and Nail CreamHands are often the first place we notice our age… They are the part of us that takes the biggest thrashing and are exposed to the worst conditions!  The Nourishing Hand and Nail Cream is thick and not greasy from the moment of application.  As a hand cream it rubs in easily and makes hands feel smooth and cared for. It’s a nail treatment too and I have found that my citified especially are in better condition than they were when I started using it – but they’re still pretty rough (maybe with time they’ll improve still more)!

It contains cold pressed Argan oil from Morocco, which is there to help prevent your nails from breaking.  Shea butter, Macadamia oil and Harakeke flax plant extract have all been included to nourish and sooth the skin.  At £14 for 75ml this is not an entry level hand treatment but it will last a while and a lot of research has gone into make this a beautifully working cream.

Comvita Nourishing Lip Treatment

Comvita Nourishing Lip TreatmentAs a trombone player I am conscious that my lips could easily go hard and try and cracked – and that’s not just in the winter. I therefore like to take good care of my lips to keep them kissable 🙂  This Nourishing Lip Treatment (treatment rather than a balm) is a thick cream – nearly a gel actually – in a tube.  The diagonal applicator makes it very easy to apply accurately, although I do find that got messy and the cream goes a bit funny inside the lid, so I ended up wiping the applicator after each use.  It soaks into my lips nicely and does make them feel smoother and softer for sure, but it’s not good to apply over lipstick or gloss like you can with a lip balm as it goes a bit grainy (which doesn’t feel nice!), so I’ve tended to only use this at night.

It contains Avacado, Macadamia and Kiwi seed oils combined with Shea butter and beeswax – all of which work together to reduce lines and wrinkles around the lip area. An expensive £10 for the little 10ml tube this is not an everyday “carry in your handbag” item (not for me anyway), but I have found it is nice to use at night – I’m hoping it’ll last a few weeks.

Both products use Manuka honey as the main ingredient which give them an obvious honey scent. That is what makes Comvita what it is.  Unfortunately it’s that scent that is the problem for me – really sweet, maybe even sickly, I find it overbearing and, when it comes to creams, would much rather use something that doesn’t have a lasting fragrance. It’s not so strong in the lip treatment (it’s much more subtle, and my favourite lip balm is the burt’s bees one which is honey based too), but I’m really not a fan of it in the hand cream – despite it being a good nourishing treatment.  I would he wary of trying the rest of the range as I anticipate the cleansers and moisturisers will have a very similar make-up and therefore a similar scent.

These and the full range of Comvita Anti-Ageing products are available on the mypure website.

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