Bungeeeee Wheeeeeeee

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Yesterday I went down to Wyboston Lakes to do a Bungee Jump.

This was courtesy of a good friend who gave me a voucher for the jump… and while a bungee jump has been on my Things To Do list for some time, the idea of actually doing one has always got me worried!

My biggest fear?  My eyes.  You’ll know from my ramblings before about the RNIB etc that my eyes are not great and while I don’t have any level of disability I have been told it may happen in future – something that is in the back of my mind all the time.  I’ve heard horror stories of people doing bungee jumps and their eyes popping out – yuk and squirm and shudder!  But having looked into it (the internet can be good and bad for researching these things!) it seems it’s very rare and I decided worth the risk.

I was booked in for a 160 foot jump off a crane with UK Bungee Club.  What a great day for it!  Blue skies, white fluffy clouds, slight breeze.  When we arrived (and eventually found our way to the Water Sports Centre where the crane was located) I looked at what was before me – it looked fine, wasn’t that high, I was excited.

Registration was quick.  As with all experiences like this you sign your life away before you take part.  At my allotted time I was put in a harness – one around my legs/waist (similar to a climbing/abseiling harness) and one round my ankles.  I was expecting my ankles to be strapped together but actually while there was a strap between the two there was room for movement.  My weight was checked twice to make sure I was on the right bungee cord (and written on my hand in permanent marker!), and the harness was checked by four different people in sequence – a very slick and well organised operation.

So I got in the cage and sat down, and with three instructors I was lifted to the top.  At the top we were fixed in place.  From there no hesitation at all.  I got up, my harness was checked one last time, I stood on the edge and…


Bungee Jump

I’m not afraid of heights and felt no reason to stop or hesitate or worry about jumping off – the crew had been so careful after all.  I remembered the Skydive I did and how the freefall part was so very awesome.  Of I went, head first, diving like a pro (!) out of the cage.

Bungee Jump

The sensation was amazing.  It was a smooth fall – I was flying, straight down.  It was fast, the wind was noisy, and I let out a scream in happiness (and also some other less scream like noises apparently!).

Bungee Jump

As the bungee cord stretched out and pulled me back up the first time it was gentle, no stomach churning moment, and no eyes popping out anywhere!  From there the bounces were less smooth, you’re no longer in a nice straight line and are pulled about, around, and can feel the harness take the strain.  But it wasn’t uncomfortable and certainly not painful.

Bungee Jump

As the cord bounced the cage was lowered to the ground, and a couple of crew helped me down onto the ground and out of my harness.  What an amazing experience.  Shame it was over so quickly.  I’d definitely do it again – a bigger one next time, off a bridge perhaps.  One day anyway.  Thanks Cathy.

Bungee Jump

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  1. Peter Cattell

    You are definitely a lot braver than I am 🙂
    A parachute jump and now a bungee….!

    It looks like you enjoyed it too … well done

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