Very Lazy Red Thai Curry

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You all know I’m lazy. Especially when it comes to food. The easier the better. But also the tastier the better. And the fresher the better.  Back in April I reviewed the Very Lazy Posh Sausage Casserole concentrate.  Now they have sent me a new cooking concentrate from their range – the Very Lazy Red Thai Curry.

Very Lazy Red Thai Curry

As with the Sausage Casserole I tried before the jar’s cardboard sleeve includes all the instructions you need.  You need this jar plus some chicken and a can of coconut milk and you’re away.  You start by cooking the chicken, then add the concentrate for a couple of minutes, and then add the coconut milk.  At this point you have a thin yellow coloured sauce bubbling away on the hob.

Very Lazy Red Thai Curry

Very Lazy Red Thai Curry

Very Lazy Red Thai Curry

After 10 minutes simmering gently your curry is slightly thicker (although a red curry is not a thick curry), the chicken is nicely flavoured, and it’s ready to eat… and it tastes gooooood.  I served mine with steamed rice and peas.

Very Lazy Red Thai CurryVery Lazy? Oh yes. The only thing you need to chop is the chicken, you don’t need to worry about chillis or spices etc.  And as coconut milk is a cupboard essential in my house this is something we can choose to make at the last minute (I see lazy as also being unorganised!).  20 minutes from start to finish isn’t bad either (unlike the sausage casserole – that took much longer)… I love that I can have a decent hearty meal that quick.

Tasty? Most definitely. It had a really good gentle but spicy flavour, just what I would expect from a red curry.  It wasn’t far off the Thai curry I make from scratch myself from time to time – and it was so much easier and less time consuming.  It probably isn’t quite as healthy or fresh as making the time and effort to create your own spice mix, but use good quality chicken and what you have is a really great meal for the family without fuss.  It’s certainly very satisfying to eat.

Recommended?  Totally.  See the full range of Very Lazy products, available in supermarkets and my kitchen 🙂

If you’ve tried this or any of the other Very Lazy concentrates, feel free to comment below with your opinions.

  1. Very Lazy (@VeryLazyFood)

    Thanks again, love your pictures, we want to know if we can use them on FB – we are delighted that you like this concentrate as much – interestingly we’ve had customers tell us that in certain areas it’s hard to get your hands on coconut milk – I’ve about six tins in the cupboard!

    Best wishes and again thanks so much for taking the time and energy to do this review, we really appreciate it.

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