Strangest Cordial Ever?

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Here’s a question for you. What is the strangest cordial you have ever come across?

When shopping in Morrisons in Bude earlier this week my sister and I clocked this bright pink drink…

Marshmallow Cordial

(Sorry, bit blurred from my sister’s phone as we were trying to be discrete!)

That’s right – it’s marshmallow squash. Right next to the sherbert lemon squash.

Yes. Marshmallow.

No, we didn’t buy it. Although we were slightly tempted just to see what it tasted like (well hopefully marshmallows but you know what we mean!)

Anyone tried it? Found anything stranger in the fruit squash aisle?! Comment below.

EDIT – I had to try it…

So my first day back at work after my holiday curiosity got the better of me and I ended up in Morrison’s at lunch time buying one of each of the two odd flavours.  They’re 69p each or two for £1 so quite the bargain.

Marshmallow and Sherbert Lemon Squash

I gave my colleagues their mission – to try the two drinks and let me know what they thought.  I tried them both too of course. (Oh, and I rewarded them with Chewits and Vimto Chews!)

Generally speaking the sherbert lemon is the favourite, although it’s not what I was expecting.  I was hoping for something quite sharp – like sherbert – but actually it’s got only a subtle flavour.

And the marshmallow one?  Well I think my colleague summed it up with “smells better than it tastes”.  It does smell good but when made up into squash is very sickly sweet.  It has an odd texture to it too – kind of dry, it’s strange.

So anyway, now I know… not to be tempted again!

Nah they weren’t that bad, but I think I’ll stick with the standard flavours from now on.

Unless one of these two is better?  Fruit salad or raspberry ripple anyone?!

Morrison's Squash

  1. zoe

    I only just discovered marshmallow squash – loved it! – in time for them to disappear from the shelves. Gutted! I always make up my squash more diluted than the instructions, so I found it pleasantly sweet and without the acid of the fruit flavours.

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