Penn State Pretzels

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If you like to snack like me, or maybe you are having a barbecue and fancy serving some nibbles that aren’t crisps for a change, then these pretzels from Penn State are a great choice.

Pennstate Snacks Pretzels

Penn State Pretzels are a baked snack (not fried) and are marketed as using an authentic American recipe.  They are crunchy rather than soft and are the perfect savoury option for lunches, picnics, pre-dinner nibbles, or just when you fancy a snack.  They come in large bags for sharing and small bags for keeping to yourself.

Pennstate Snacks Pretzels

Pretzels aren’t to everyone’s taste of course – I took a big bag of the original salty ones on holiday and my husband and sister didn’t like them, where as I really liked them.  But if you don’t like the salty ones I suggest you give the other flavours a go – the sour cream and chive ones went down really well in this house (my favourite ones) and I will definitely be buying those again for us to snack on with friends (or on our own!).

Pennstate Snacks Pretzels

Compared to crisps you’re looking at about the same amount of calories for the small bags, but fat wise 30g of the sour cream and chive ones (above) have under half the fat of a 25g bag of Walkers Ready Salted crisps.

Penn State Pretzels are available in most supermarkets (I found them along the crisps aisle with the tortilla chips), and Splodz Blogz says you should really give them a try – especially the flavoured ones.

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