Year in Photos (15 Aug 11) – Palazzo Pants

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Yep that’s today’s pic – Palazzo Pants. They appear to be full length culottes?  Silky baggy long trousers.  The jury is out for me.  I could see myself wearing them – I quite like the brown ones.  But at 30 am I supposed to take chances with odd fashion statements I find in Primark?

EDIT: The general consensus is these are like pyjamas and these silky trousers would make you feel naked!  I’m sure some people will look amazing in these (just like some people would look amazing in a bin liner), but they’d just make me look shorter than ever and a bit ridiculous.  So it’s a no way from Splodz Blogz!

Monday 15th August 2011

15/08/11: Fashion?

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