Refreshers Ice Lollies

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I’ve posted before (try this one) that ice lollies make great sweet snacks – if you get fruit juice ones they are low in calories and low in fat (although watch out for the sugar content).

Refreshers Ice Lollies

Last night we had a new kind of ice lolly delivered by the nice man from Tesco (sorry but I love grocery delivery, I know it’s not really helping local businesses) – well new to us anyway, I’m not sure how long they’ve actually been available.

Refreshers ice lollies are natural fruit flavoured and are an ode to those retro fizzy fruit sweets (and you know much I love retro sweets!).  I was all ready for my tongue to tingle just like it does after a packet of that orange, pink and purple candy.

While these were perhaps not quite as fizzy as their unfrozen cousins, there was definitely a tingle there. The lollies had a really good strong fruity flavour and definitely filled my craving for something sweet.  They are even a little bit creamy (they do contain milk) – more like the consistency of ice cream rather than an ice lolly, a bit of a bonus I’d say because they feel more substantial than just a (boring) orange juice one.

Refreshers Ice Lollies

Numbers wise each 45ml lolly contains just 56 calories – such a tiny amount for something so sweet and lovely.

These are the perfect supper time treat any day of the week (or every day of the week!).  And currently only £1 for six you’d be forgiven for going back for a second.  (No, I didn’t, there are still five left in the box!)

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