Guzzle Puzzle

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Yet more new sweets at the Spar close to my office… and as usual curiosity got the better of me.

Guzzle Puzzle

These are the new Guzzle Puzzle – have you seen the advert on the telly?  There are two different shaped jellies in the packet – all different flavours – and the idea is that you put one of each shape in your mouth, put them together, and eat at the same time to create an interesting flavour.

They are made by The Natural Confectionery Company.  The idea behind the Australian company (run by Cadburys here in the UK),  is that they don’t use any of the artificial colours and flavours you might find in other jelly sweets.  This means they are a slightly better choice when it comes to soft candy.

Guzzle Puzzle

On the back of the packet there are some suggested flavour combinations.  For example they suggest putting raspberry and lime together to make a pink lemonade flavour; and putting orange and banana together to make bubblegum.  But of course as the selection is random you might not get the right “ingredients” to make what they suggest – and they even put this disclaimer on the back of the packet.

Guzzle Puzzle

I get the idea, but these sweets aren’t for me.  Firstly, I’m not sure about some of the individual flavours in the packet.  I didn’t really like the cinnamon ones, and the banana ones were a bit odd.  I didn’t find the flavours very strong – I think they’re too subtle generally, especially the lime.  Then when I put the sweets together (which is actually harder to do with your tongue than it might seem – does it count as exercise?!) and ate the “new” flavours I had created, some of them seemed even more odd.

Flavour aside, the sweets themselves were very soft and gooey, getting between your teeth (where’s that Radius Toothbrush I tested?!).

A good novel sweet idea but strange flavours and even then not strong enough.  Nah, not something I’ll be buying again.

Guzzle Puzzle

Guzzle Puzzle come in individual bags that are 145 calories each.  They were two bags for £1 at the Spar when I bought them the other day, so good value if you want to give them a try.  Let me know what you think (and what flavours you manage to create!) by commenting below.

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  1. Christina

    Just want to say that the advert for guzzle puzzle is inappropriate and is not aimed at the children. Its all innocent but as an adult and aware with the world we live in. I have a child and work with young children. As the comments ‘marry me’ sweet says to another. Even the catonghi one. Is suggesting something else. Need to may be rethink the words. Know te people that have complained about this on fbk etc….. Personally is uncomfortable for us to watch it. Opened mouth and all ??

  2. Amanda @gidders1

    I’ve tried them and I agree the flavour isn’t strong enough. However my daughters have both tried and LOVE them. My eldest thinks the flavours are very distinct!? So maybe they are for a youngsters pallet?

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