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A while ago I posted about Tropicana Still Lemonade – a drink I still really enjoy but that is simply not still lemonade and should absolutely be renamed.

The other day I noticed Tropicana Orange & Lime in the chilled juices cabinet in Tesco.  This is a new one to me and sounded interesting, so in the basket it went for a bit of a taste test.

I wondered if it tasted as the name suggested!

Tropicana Orange and Lime Juice

Well on closer inspection of the carton (after my experience with the still lemonade review) I find that there is 94.5% orange juice, along with 5% grape juice and 0.5% lime juice.  Oh dear.  That 0.5% lime better come through or once again Tropicana will be guilty of mis-naming their products.  Actually, once I’d read the back I notice the little writing at the bottom of the front of the carton – “orange, grape and lime juice”.

Tropicana Orange and Lime Juice

The description on the back explains:

Honduran limes have been carefully balanced with sweet, smooth orange juice to give a distinctive, citrusy bite.  This invigorating juice tastes bright and clean with just enough of a vibrant lime finish.  We think you’ll agree this creation is unlike any juice you’ve ever experienced.

So it’s supposed to be subtle (“just enough”), but it’s supposed to be there (“vibrant lime finish”).

Thankfully, I did indeed find this juice to have that promised hint of lime.  I like Tropicana orange juice anyway (this is a smooth juice, no bits), and the addition of lime makes it a fresh tasting drink with a zing.  I can taste the grape a little – I think it’s been added to calm the orange juice down a little before the lime is added so you get the lime aftertaste rather than orange, but of course I’m no expert.

This drink comes under the “Orange Creations” category of Tropicana juices, and now I’ve noticed it exists I’d quite like to try the others – Orange and Watermelon and Orange and Raspberry both appeal – I wonder if they do those in my local Tesco?

Tropicana Orange & Lime (& Grape) juice is a juice for mornings – great with breakfast – and it’s one I’ll be buying again.  What do you think?

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  1. cshimmon

    We’ve tried a few of the flavours- including one with pomegranete sticks in my mind. I like them all, but this is definitely my favourite- so much that it’d actually be my first choice juice full stop! 🙂

  2. pauline hill

    Sorry but we didnt like it at all! In fact we poured it down the drain &no we arent wealthy, we are pensioners ! I did the same with the grape juice too ! Guess we shall be sticking to pure orange juice from now on,with bits !

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