Whiter Teeth with RetarDEX

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This is the third toothpaste I have reviewed for Splodz Blogz… am I getting a name for myself?!

Comedians spend valuable stand up time taking the mickey out of celebrities that get their teeth whitened.  But the fact is that people are genuinely concerned about the colour of their teeth.  There are countless products on the shelves “proven” to whiten our teeth – toothpastes, mouth washes, chewing gums – and then there are the cosmetic dental treatments you can have done (at great expense).

RetarDEX challenged me to use their two products – the toothpaste and the oral rinse – in place of my usual products for 14 days.  They are “clinically proven” to whiten teeth in just two weeks (hence the 14 day challenge).

RetarDEX Oral Rinse and Toothpaste

The toothpaste is a smooth white opaque paste (no bits like the Oral B toothpaste I use normally) with a gentle minty flavour which is quite pleasant.  Designed to whiten as well as keep breath fresh and gums healthy, it doesn’t foam up or anything like some of the new toothpastes on the market at the moment – which means you can apparently brush for longer (as your mouth doesn’t get full of foam!).  I used it with both my electric toothbrush as well as my Radius toothbrush and found it was cleaning my teeth very well – as well as my usual choice.

The Oral Rinse is a clear liquid with no colouring and flavour – it looks like water.  My first use was strange.  I knew it didn’t have any flavour from the information on the bottle, but being used to such strong minty mouth washes such as Listerine it was still a surprise.  It took three or four uses to get used to the taste (or lack of it).  The bottle comes with a little sachet of mint flavour which  you can add if you like – in the spirit of testing fully I used it au natural for the first seven days and then added the flavour for the second.  I have to say I preferred it without the mint (which is very subtle, much like the toothpaste).

The rinse is designed to both whiten as well as keep breath fresh, strengthen enamel, and kill the bacteria that cause gum problems, tooth decay and plaque.

The claims are high for this product.  They say that while other mouthwash products act to prevent your teeth from staining, RetarDEX actually acts to remove stains to restore them to their natural whiteness.  That is of course the key – RetarDEX is a restoration product – it takes your teeth back to their original colour by removing the discolouration we all get.  It doesn’t actually make your teeth whiter than they were before.

Does RetarDEX work?

Well as my “before” photo didn’t come out very well I can’t prove anything to you (and I’m not a scientist and haven’t done a “proper” experiment here by any means), but yes, I would say it has.  Here – I’m smiling!

Smiling with Whiter Teeth

I do think my teeth are brighter – they were never particularly white to start with (I have had a problem with my enamel forever), but I can see a difference.  And I guess as confidence comes from being happy with yourself that is what matters, I am pleased with the results of my two week test.  It worked for me.

Would I recommend RetarDEX to Splodz Blogz readers?

Well yes, I would, assuming you are willing to spend £6.15 on 75ml of toothpaste and £8.15 on 500ml of oral rinse.  Not over the top when you compare it to some other products on the market, but way more than the standard choices of toothpaste and mouthwash, and more than I can warrant spending on such things.

RetarDEX is available from Boots and Superdrug and most supermarkets.  If you give it a go (or know of any other easy to use whitening products) please comment below.

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