Swarovski Crystal Trombone… Pendant

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For some reason the trombone is not considered a particularly feminine instrument (queue joke upon joke)… and as a female trombonist I know that!

How about this Swarovski Crystal Trombone Pendant to add a bit of girliness?

Swarovski Crystal Trombone Pendant


The trombone isn’t quite an accurate scale model (!), but the 4cm silver-coloured crystal-studded pendant on a 48cm chain would hang perfectly around my neck while I’m playing, or working, or out.

It’s £18.26 from What’s About Town.

Not a trombonist?  There’s a trumpet, a microphone, a treble clef for the musical (or wannabe musical!), and a whole range of other sparkly necklaces for the not-so-musical over on the What’s About Town website.

And yes… this post is a hint!

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