Angel Delight Ice Cream

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I recently received a sample of new Angel Delight Ice Cream from the Angel Delight Facebook Page, where they have been trying to decide if it should be available to purchase in shops (and in fact have recently decided it will be made available).

Angel Delight Ice Cream Desert

You all know how to make Angel Delight I’m sure… stick the powder in a bowl, add milk, whisk until mixed, leave to set, eat.  It’s really very simple, and quick, and makes for a calcium filled sweet desert great for kids and adults alike (especially if you add a bit of mars bar in the bottom!).  Well this new Ice Cream has the very same idea.  It’s a powder, to which you add just 150ml milk (semi skimmed is fine).  Instead of whisking by hand like with the more well known version, you need to use an electric hand whisk for five minutes until the mixture has doubled in volume.  Then simply pour into a plastic container, add any flavourings/toppings etc you want, bung it in the freezer and wait “patiently” until frozen.

Angel Delight Ice Cream Desert

Angel Delight Ice Cream Desert

This is vanilla flavoured so you can add pretty much anything you like to it.  I chose to add a swirl of strawberry sauce and some very mini marshmallows to mine, but I had so many ideas it was difficult to choose.  Think Ben & Jerry’s and you’ll have plenty of ideas! Chocolate chips, mint essence, sugar strands, raspberries or strawberries, golden syrup, coconut, walnuts – you’ll not be stuck for ideas.

It takes just four hours to freeze but I made mine one evening and ate it the next.  With being just four hours it might be good to make in the morning on a warm day ready for a mid-afternoon cold treat.

Angel Delight Ice Cream Desert - Before Freezing

Angel Delight Ice Cream Desert - After Freezing

To the following evening and the taste test… and both my other half an I were really impressed with it.  It had set hard, but not so hard we couldn’t get our spoons into it – it would easily come out with an ice cream scoop.  The vanilla flavour was excellent, quite strong, and the ice cream melted in the mouth with a feeling that was as if it had cream in it.  A really nice end to a meal, especially because I’d added the extras.

Note this is not as good as Ben & Jerry’s or other premium brand ice creams, but it is a great (and hopefully much cheaper) alternative for all the family.  You could have all sorts of fun with the kids designing flavours…!

Angel Delight Ice Cream Desert

Angel Delight Ice Cream isn’t available right now but will be very soon… I’ll let you know when I find out more!  When you try this I’d really love to know what flavours you go for – comment below.

  1. Jacqui

    Its available now from tesco in 4 flavours,,,well, it is at my Tesco Extra.

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