mypure Review – Lovea Bio Sun Protection

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Unfortunately there hasn’t been much opportunity in August to test the Lovea Bio Sunscreen Spray and After Sun I got from mypure to test this time… but there were a few days while I was on holiday, and with fair skin I tend to wear sun cream fairly often.

Lovea Bio Organic Sunscreen

The Lovea Organic Sun Screen I tested was the SPF30 spray.  Because it is Lovea it is completely natural and this is also certified as organic.  It is a light lotion made very easy to apply using the spray bottle – spray sun protection is my preferred choice because of this.  I tried this the right way up and upside down and it worked fine (two or three pumps when upended).  It’s very easy to rub in and is an excellent moisturiser.  The thing I like the most about this is it doesn’t actually smell like sun cream… it is scented with essential oils, which give the lotion a much nicer, more natural, note – kind of fruity.  And very important for me (and for anyone caught in a summer shower), this is water resistant.

Because I’m careful in the sun I haven’t had any sun burn to test the Lovea Organic After Sun Lotion on (which I only see as a good thing).  I used it as a moisturiser while on holiday (seemed to make sense not packing two) and it’s really soothing and light on the skin, and has a lovely subtle scent.  It’s a lotion which is more runny than a cream, but that is what you want if using it on sore skin – you need it to soak in with a minimum of massaging.

The Sun Screen comes in a 125ml spray bottle and is priced at £12.99, and the After Sun comes in a 125ml bottle priced at £8.99, both are therefore competitive.  They are currently 3 for 2 on the mypure website so if you’re off for some winter sun any time soon now is a good time to buy.

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