The Garlic Farm

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Ever wonder if you get enough garlic? Maybe you just really like the flavour? It’s not just to keep the vampires away – it’s also a tried and tested medical remedy, useful in cleaning wounds and even to kill MRSA.

How about a farm that is all about garlic?  The Garlic Farm is on the Isle of Wight, and grows over 20 varieties, bulb by bulb.  You can go and visit the farm, take a tour, eat in the restaurant and buy fresh produce in the farm shop.  Sounds like a great day out.

The Garlic Farm Condiments

They also have an online shop selling garlic-based products, and they sent me three jars of The Garlic Farm condiments to try.

The Garlic Farm Garlic Mayonnaise

Garlic Mayonnaise

This thick and creamy mayonnaise is laden with garlic, making it absolutely perfect with chips, chicken, burgers, salads, and anything else you’d normally put ordinary mayonnaise with!  A real fresh garlic flavour comes from that jar, and it is one of the best garlic mayo’s I have tasted (the one I normally buy from Tesco just doesn’t match up).

The Garlic Farm Hot Garlic Pickle

Hot Garlic Pickle

This is not sandwich pickle you’d put with hard cheese.  It’s chunky and has a fantastic flavour and is ideal for eating with warm poppadoms.  It also worked really nicely on our pork and apple sausages for dinner a few nights ago – it’s got a strong flavour but is not overpowering, and complimented the sausages perfectly.

The Garlic Farm Hot Apple Fig and Garlic Chutney

Apple, Fig and Garlic Chutney

While the pickle above isn’t really designed for a sandwich, this is just lovely with ham in bread, but works best with either with baked cheese and toast for a snack/starter, or with slow cooked gammon.  I’ve had these products at home for a couple or three weeks now, trying them with various meals, and it seems that this one is not currently on the website.  That’s a real shame because it’s lovely.  Maybe it not being on the site at the moment is down to the time of year – I’m not sure about these things.

I will absolutely be buying the Garlic Mayonnaise again – I might try the Toasted Garlic Mayonnaise that my friend and fellow blogger Alison tried.  I enjoyed the other two and am looking forward to giving some of the other pickles and chutneys a go too.  In fact, if someone wants to gift me the Luxury Hamper for my birthday then I wouldn’t complain!

Have an explore around The Garlic Farm website and place an order – this is good stuff.

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