Running E-Gloves

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It’s getting to that point in the year when you don’t want to be out without gloves on.  If you’re a runner you will want a pair of light weight gloves that keep your fingers warm but also wick the moisture away.  The same applies for other sports – you want something thin, light, warm, oh and stylish.

And if you use your iPod or other gadget with a capacitive touch screen for company when running, you don’t want to have to take your gloves off to control it – you need gloves that have special material on the finger tips.

These eGloves have been designed for running but are also at home for use for many other sports – walking, cycling, horse riding and as inner ski/snowboard gloves.   They have conduction metallic fabric on the forefinger and thumb which enables you to operate touch screen devices such as an iPhone without removing your gloves.  Perfect for cold days!

Running e-glove

Running e-glove

Wearing the gloves is easy (is that a word you can use to describe wearing gloves?!).  I mean – they’re a nice jersey/lyca material which is comfortable, soft even.  One of the panels is a slightly different texture and ideal for wiping your face when working out.  They are tight fitting, as running gloves should be, but stretchy and so not constricting.  They kept my fingers warm without that cold-sweaty-dampness that would have made them uncomfortable for doing sports in.  eGloves are machine washable (cool wash) which is an absolute must for anything you use while exercising!  They also look great on – just right.

With regards to using my iPhone these are great.  The little silver pads on the finger and thumb make using the apps and keyboard very easy, and it’s a doddle to control the iPod elements.  Wearing the gloves isn’t as accurate as using a stylus (which is the other option on cold days!) but it’s fine for typing short bursts of text like text messages and updating RunKeeper, for example.  The gloves have been well designed and well made for this purpose.

The best bit about these gloves (apart from the fact I can use my iPhone on the move in the winter)… the little patches on the fingers and palm – they make a real difference to grip!  I mean, holding a shiny gadget whilst wearing gloves can be a bit slippery, but those little pads make holding on very easy.  I would never use my phone whilst actually running (just in case!) but do want to be able to use it when walking or straight after a work out when I’m tired.  A very nice design touch because they look great, but very functional too.

Running e-glove Fingers

I have a pair of North Face E-Tip Gloves which are slightly thicker and warmer than these, but I wouldn’t want to go running in those and they are a little too thick to use as inner gloves.  So while I will still be using those for every day wear, these eGloves are absolutely brilliant for use when doing sport outside.  Mine are the small size and they fit absolutely perfectly.

The gloves are available from the eGlove website priced at £24.99 and in small, medium and large sizes.

Disclaimer: I was sent these gloves for free to review on Splodz Blogz, but I have not been told what to write and am always honest. 
[Edited to update links – these are now called eGlove Sport – and price]

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