Give Us a Twirl… Twirl Bites

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Sharing bags of bite sized versions of our favourite chocolate treats are taking over nights in front of the telly, car journeys and trips to the cinema… Caramel Nibbles, Crunchie Rocks… and now Twirl Bites.

I was sent a bag of this new Cadbury’s chocolate to try.

New Cadbury Twirl Bites

As far as chocolate goes I am generally a dark chocolate or white chocolate kind of girl.  But if I am going to choose a milk chocolate bar, it would normally be a Twirl (so Cadbury’s are onto a good thing with me here!).  There is something about the thin layers of chocolate in a bar that means it just melts and fills your mouth when eating it.

These little mini Twirls – actually more like broken up Twirl – are very moorish.  Oh and we’re talking 220 calories per quarter of a bag, by the way.

New Cadbury Twirl Bites

Designed for sharing the foil bag is easy to open fully (no scissors required – and easy to get your hand in the bag!) and in case you need a break from the chocolaty goodness, have a sticker to reclose the bag ready for later.  In fact at the time of writing my half eaten bag is in the fridge, just out of reach – I know they’re there – so hard to resist!

Have you seen the advert?  It’s a bit strange…

Twirl Bites are available already from all the usual places priced at £2.03 per bag (165g) – what an odd price point.

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