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I was contacted by Peelzone recently, who make personalised protectors for phones and tablets including the iPhone and iPad. They had read my review of Mooskins and saw that I’d initially struggled to get my phone in and out, and reckoned what they produced was an excellent alternative to a case. So I took them up on their offer and they sent me a cover for my iPhone4.

What is a Peel?

A Peel is a printed protector for the back and parts of the front of your phone or tablet. It’s like a skin for your device, protecting it from scratches while adding no bulk. You can choose from one of loads of designs on the Peelzone website or upload your own photograph for a completely unique cover. I chose to use the same photograph that I had used on my Mooskin a few weeks ago, partly to compare but partly because it’s a particular favourite photo of mine right now.

The Peel arrives within a few days in the normal post, with some useful instructions on how to apply it…

Peelzone iPhone Protector

Peelzone iPhone Protector

Applying the Peel

Remember having to cover your school books with sticky back plastic when you were a kid? (Or maybe you got your dad to do it?!) I was worried this was going to be difficult and look all bubbly and horrible. If you’ve ever applied a screen protector to your phone screen then you know about that process and how it can sometimes be frustrating. You have to be so careful not to get any bubbles and it’s really tricky.

But actually applying the Peel was really easy. It comes with four little dots of tacky stuff so you can start by sticking your phone to the desk – an absolutely great idea (the little dots are completely removal, like the stuff they stick your credit card to the letter with). This of course means your phone doesn’t slide all over the desk while you’re working. Genius. I found it a little awkward to peel the Peel off of the backing, but once I’d started it off it came away easily. Then you line it up – long ways – and gently place it on your phone from one edge to the other. Mine went on first time (I’m not showing off… honestly!) and not a bubble in sight!

There are also two other bits for my iPhone – for the top and bottom of the front of the phone. As I have a screen protector on mine I chose not to apply those, but they are much smaller and so must be even easier to apply.

The thing to remember is don’t stick it down properly until you’re sure it’s in the right place. While the Peel comes off with no residue, it will lose it’s shape and you can’t re-apply it.

Look and Feel

The material is a vinyl and so has a gloss finish, and the print quality is very good. If you look at the print really closely you can see a few print lines but it really is nothing and on most photographs wouldn’t notice. Putting my Peel and my Mooskin side by side I could see very little difference in the quality of the printing.

Peelzone iPhone Protector

The cut-out for the iPhone 4’s camera and flash is discreet and the size of the Peel comes up just shy of the edges of the iPhone giving you a black (or white) outline around your cover. Being vinyl my iPhone does now have slightly more grip than it had before and of course I am now very confident putting my de-cased iPhone in my pocket or my bag, not worrying about scratches. One thing I have found is the vinyl is quite easy to “dent” – with your finger nail, for example. The slightly soft nature of the material means dents seem to stay in, but so far I haven’t got one so bad that it ruins the look of the photo. I will still use a case (my Mooskin most likely) sometimes, but as the Peel adds barely anything to the shape of the iPhone, it still fits.

Splodz Blogz Verdict

The idea of personalised screen protectors is a good one, and these are great quality and the service is quick. The best thing about it is you have personalised your phone without adding anything to it. I think £9.99 (the price for an iPhone4 Peel) is great value for a unique product. Remember the denting thing though – you can’t treat your phone as if it’s in a rugged case, because it’s not, but this does add a certain layer of protection.

Peelzone is available for all sorts of devices including the Kindle, iPods, various Blackberry’s and HTC handsets, the Nintendo DS and loads of other things too. I’m going to have a look at getting a Peel for my iPad now – I wonder if it’s much harder to apply because of the size difference?

Maybe I’d like to see Peelzone do a “full face” peel which is effectively a screen protector over the screen, and a Peel top and bottom – so you can use this instead of a screen protector on the front.

Discount Code!

A Peel for the iPhone 4 like I had is £9.99. Have a look at the Peelzone website for more details and to design yours…

And if you buy a Peel this month (before the end of October 2011) you can get a healthy 25% off by using the Splodz Blogz code. Simply put splodzpeel in the relevant box when you buy your chosen design.

You can also follow Peelzone on facebook.

  1. Corrine Shimmon (@cshimmon)

    That’s basically the same product as I created for my ipod and previous phone- do you remember them? Price is comparable too. I’ve got another for this phone but not applied it yet, you’re welcome to do a comparison between it and yours when I’ve got it on.

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