Year in Photos (11 Oct 11) – Flat Tyre!

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So today I went back to work after moving, and I thought I’d give cycling a go.  My plan is to cycle when possible – it’s better for me and the environment (mainly me!).  I did the 7.something km no problems in the morning, then stopped and played netball after work, and then cycled home – only to get a flat tyre half way!  I was particularly annoyed at this for some unknown reason (ok tiredness won’t have helped) – but for now the bike is back in the garage and I’m in the car for the commute until I find time to repair the puncture.  Ugh!

Tuesday 11th October 2011

11/10/11: The offending flat tyre – no idea what has caused the puncture but am hoping it just needs a plaster

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