Kit Kat Pop Chocs

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Continuing the trend of miniaturised chocolate bars, this week in my local Spar shop I noticed these individual bags of KitKat Pop Chocs.

KitKat Pop Chocs

The sharing bags have been out for a little while but this is the first time I’ve seen the small bags… so I had to buy one for a taste of course!

They are what you’d expect – little rounded cubes of KitKat – chocolate coated wafer slices.  The chocolate is actually quite shiny though, unlike normal kitkat chocolate, I wonder why that is?  Something to do with the shape perhaps or the fact the sweets get bashed about in the packet.

KitKat Pop Chocs

The little chocolate bites taste good and certainly fill a whole.  Personally I prefer a KitKat Chunky but these are a great sharing sweet.

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