Endurance Plus your Swimming

Now the weather is a bit rubbish outside one great way to stay fit and healthy whilst staying warm is to go swimming.  We all know that swimming is a fantastic low impact sport that burns calories like nothing else and if done regularly leads to a lean, toned body.  Yes please!

The problem?  The swimsuit!  1) You can’t just wear your “fashion” suit or bikini in the pool because you look totally out of place and they’re just not comfortable for length upon length 2) a plain black swimsuit is just booooooring!

If you’re stuck for a stylish but functional swimsuit designed for the pool, look no further than Simply Swim.  You may remember that I reviewed their sister website Simply Beach back in April – while Simply Beach concentrates on swimwear and accessories for your holidays to the sun, Simply Swim is all about the pool and swimming for fitness.

The website is completely full of 100s of swimsuits to choose from, of all sorts of shapes depending on what you find most comfortable and what style of swimming you take part in.

Speedo have a special fabric they have designed for use in chlorine-treated pools – it’s called Endurance Plus.  It’s a quick drying with complete resistance to the effects of chlorine.  It also benefits from being snag-resistance and has excellent comfort and fit properties. It is, apparently, the ultimate in durability.

Simply Swim Speedo Endurance Swim Suit

Actually I know it is.  Simply Swim sent me one to try out, and I’ve used it a few times now, both in the sea (under my wetsuit!) and in the pool.  It was this Aqua Evolve suit (on the left) with high leg and open back allowing for full range of movement.  I’m not a performance swimmer by any means but I did find this suit fitted really well, was comfortable, and allowed me a full range of movement in the water.  I also love the design – not plain black at all, the blue pattern gives it some interest so I’m more than happy with it.

And to prove I know that these suits are good, the gift of this swimsuit came as I’d already decided my current one needed replacing – also a Speedo Endurance Plus suit with high leg and leaderback style and funky design/pattern on it.  I’ve had that suit for years and it has done very well without shrinking/stretching/losing shape etc.  I don’t swim weekly but I do enjoy being in the water (I talk about it loads on Splodz Blogz!), and having a decent swimsuit is very important so I feel confident in what I’m doing.

Simply Swim Speedo Endurance Plus Swim SuitThis material has been used in all sorts of shapes and designs and if you are looking for a new swimsuit you should definitely give Simply Swim a visit.  I particularly like the lines on this Lane Jet Thin Strap suit (on the right) – great if you prefer the much thinner straps and medium leg, or how about the Mindset Legsuit (not pictured) if you want something designed with aqua aerobics in mind?

I would very much recommend Simply Swim as the place to go for your fitness swim suits (for the whole family) and accessories – the service is good and the search facility makes it easy to find something in your size, preferred style and colour.

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