Someone Stole my Bike!

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If you follow me on twitter you will absolutely know that some time over lunch today someone stole my bicycle from outside my office.



It’s a Carrera Vulcan ladies 16″ mountain bike with white frame, white saddle, and since this picture was taken I have fitted black handlebar ends.  I’ve had the bike just over a year and had taken it to work for only the second time since we moved within cycling distance.

Sometime between 12noon and 1.45pm someone thought it would be ok to take it from outside work, where it was locked to a massive gate right by my window.

Thanks for that.

So I reported it to the police.  They gave me an incident number but unfortunately no police officer was in the area to come and see me so they booked me into a two-hour “appointment slot” and someone will come and see me tomorrow.

Thanks Lincolnshire Police, that’s really helpful and made me feel a whole lot better.  Not.

The area is covered by CCTV, which the security team at work are checking for me tonight so when I get to meet a police officer tomorrow morning about the theft I might have something to share with them.  It was a shame the police didn’t come straight away and view whatever was on there as it may have provided some leads.

I admit that I was totally girly about this whole thing and cried.  Ridiculous huh?  I just couldn’t believe that some scumbag felt it was ok to take something that wasn’t theirs – something that I had worked hard for – something that I loved and was my way of getting home from work (thanks Lucy for the lift!).

I’m told that bike theft is a problem everywhere.  I’m also told that in the past people have been caught but just let go.  So it’s ok to steal then?  I thought that was illegal and if you stole other people’s property you got charged and prosecuted.  Apparently not when it comes to bicycles.  To anyone else who has had their bike stolen – I feel your pain.

I am still pretty raw about this whole thing (as you can tell!!!) and I’m hoping that something from the CCTV helps the police run some sort of investigation.  If it is a repeat offender maybe something will actually be done?  I know I’m not actually going to get my bike back, but I would like to think there will be some kind of, well, an attempt to find out what happened.  Am I asking too much?  I’ll let you know…

Oh and for the record, thanks to everyone who replied to my angry and upset mumblings in real life and also tweets on nothing else this afternoon and evening, I know this is only a thing and we shouldn’t be materialistic, but this has really shaken me and I really have been most upset about it.

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  1. Molly

    I’m so sorry to hear you had your bike stolen – I really feel your pain and you have every right to be angry and upset. I’ve had a bike stolen before, and also my son’s bike was stolen one Saturday afternoon from the back yard – this meant someone scaling a six foot high wall and lifting the bike out over it – while we were in the house. I have three locks on my Princess, which might seem excessive, but if she were to be stolen I would be devastated, and heartbroken. Really hope the police can find whodunnit and you get your bike back. Big hugs xx

  2. Tara

    Can’t believe someone took it right from outside the offices, especially as it was locked up. Not exactly going to encourage people to cycle to work 🙁 Wonder if the bike racks are any safer?

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