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A company emailed me about a month ago now asking me if I’d like to do a review for them… as part of the reply I had to give them my “superhero name”.  Without a clue I turned to twitter (because twitter knows everything).  Various ideas came back to do with bunnies and bungee jumping and other such things, but the one that stuck was “The Listmaker“.

Doritos Max Superhero Survival Kit

So in the post I received a parcel – addressed to The Listmaker, and containing my superhero survival kit!  Possibly the coolest blogging parcel I have ever received. Unfortunately I had only moved house the day before so I was in no superhero state to be delving into the contents straight away, but now I am all unpacked and feeling much more invincible  I decided it was about time I shared……

Inside was a scroll saying I was now an official member of the Superpowerful Superheros… and here I am – The Listmaker!  Wow that’s amazing!

The Listmaker

Thank you to whoever drew me as my superhero alterego (I had to send a photo too when I replied).  I’m not sure The Listmaker has may real powers, but the invisibility glasses, Worst Case Scenario Extreme Edition and Kiss Ass on DVD have given me a head start in my superhero-ness (well at least I know now how to escape from fire ants, how to ski off a 100-foot drop and how to survive when stuck on an opening drawbridge – an amusing read if you fancy it)!!

Doritos Max Superhero Survival Kit

Ok so the whole point of the parcel of fun was the collaboration of Doritos and Pepsi Max – a super powerful combination of flaming hot Doritos corn chips and super cool Pepsi Max citrus.  My superhero survival kit contained a sample of both and I really couldn’t wait to give them a go.

Doritos Jalapeño Fire

Spicy?  Hot?  Oh yes!  What fantastic flavour!

Doritos Jalapeno Fire Tortilla Chips

I love corn chips anyway, especially with some soured cream and chive dip.  The “fire” part of the name worried me slightly, because even though I am The Listmaker and an official superpowerful superhero, I would generally be a wuss and choose a nice mild chilli over a hot one.  They were indeed spicy, but didn’t burn my mouth… they do have a kick though and will make your lips tingle a tad, but they don’t ruin your taste buds.  The bag didn’t last very long, although the more I ate the more my lips tingled.  Mmmmm yummy.

Did I get to eat them all?  Nope!  That would be greedy wouldn’t it?!  My other half was also liking these hot hot hot chips and they were great for sharing.

Pepsi Max Citrus Freeze

This cool Pepsi Max is of course no sugar, as it’s normal counterpart – my favourite of the Pepsi options.  I guess it is Pepsi Cola’s answer to Diet Coke Citrus Zest, which I really like (let’s face it, they’re onto a winner here).

Pepsi Max Citrus Freeze

The citrus flavour they have added is subtle but definitely there – more obvious when you drink the cola on it’s own rather than as an accompaniment to the tortilla chips.  Serve it ice cold for the best flavour and to help cool your mouth after eating the chips!

Together these make a great combination for a Saturday night in.  The two new flavours absolutely work in partnership, and are extremely yummy – perfect to fuel the superhero in anyone!  I hope they’re not just limited edition as I’d happily choose both over the range of corn chips and Pepsi out there already.

Doritos Max Superpowerful Combination

When you try these for yourself don’t forget to keep the packet end enter the Vegas or Iceland competition on the website – http://www.doritosandmax.com/ (closing date 27th November).  There’s also some proper superhero comic strips online too, which are well worth a gander – although The Listmaker doesn’t seem to feature!  And if you “do” Twitter make sure you follow @_icefist and @_firefingers and use the hash tag #doritosandmax to tell everyone what you think (and don’t forget to comment below too!).

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