Galaxy Gift For You

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Ooo look more new chocolate to try… this time I had one of the new (limited edition) Galaxy Gift For You treats.

Galaxy A Gift For You

These are present shaped chocolate bars (packaged for Christmas, of course), with half solid Galaxy chocolate and half Galaxy caramel.  I love the novel shape of the chocolate – the present even has a bow.


Galaxy A Gift For You

Ok ok observation number one, when I opened the chocolate I realised the picture on the front of the chocolate bar is upside down!  The chocolate bar can only go one way up because of the G on it… was the packaging designed before the chocolate bar was finalised?  If you’re like my hubby (who can’t eat his dinner if the picture on his placemat is upside down) then maybe don’t look at the packaging!!

Anyway, more important is the chocolate itself.  I really enjoy Galaxy chocolate and Galaxy caramel and having them both in one is a great idea.  What you have is four sizeable chunks to eat – two each of chocolate and runny caramel.  It’s creamy and yummy and perfect for a mid-afternoon or supper treat with a cup of tea.

These cost 65p so are about the same price as a Mars bar (when did chocolate get so expensive?!) and will set you back 198 calories per treat.

A nice idea, would be perfect as a stocking filler/treat when the big day arrives.  I’ll be filling up on them between now and 25th December for sure!

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  1. claredugmorewrites

    My local newsagent currently has these on clearance special offer for just ten pence. I bought five! As you said, they make a great mid afternoon or suppertime treat with ac cuppa!

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