Milky the Bunny

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The Top 10 Toys for Christmas list is out.   One that caught my attention (for obvious reasons) was Milky the Bunny.

Milky the Bunny

From Emotion Toys, this is a big fluffy and cuddly white bunny rabbit toy… that is fully interactive.  The website explains that it has a random interactivity mode it will play with you differently each time you pick it up – you never know what to expect.

If you tickle Milky’s feet he will respond – maybe by wiggling his ears or feet, falling asleep.  He will even really chew on his carrot and he will love you forever!

Apparently Milky the Bunny is soft with no hard inner shell or sharp mechanical parts – just a big cuddly toy that acts like a real rabbit.  He makes real sounds like snoring when he'[s asleep, and even gets scared at big noises.

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I love gadgets and techy things but I’m not sure about these toys.  Maybe I’m just jealous coz now I’m 30 I’m not allowed things like this (although I do have the real thing!)!  Yea I think the inner child in me thinks this is very cute and would make a great play thing.  But at £60 or there abouts this is one massively expensive cuddly toy. Do kids actually get £60 worth out of these things?

I wonder what Chocolate and Ginger would think?

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