Hotel Chocolat Christmas Wreath

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How about this as a centre piece for your Christmas table?

The Christmas Wreath by Hotel Chocolat

It’s The Christmas Wreath from Hotel Chocolat – a 450g shaped chocolate slab that is perfect for sharing during this year’s festivities.  Hotel Chocolat kindly sent me one to try as part of their Christmas blogger programme this year.

It looks stunning doesn’t it?  Moulded 40% milk and 70% dark chocolate make up the wreath itself – about half and half, with caramelised hazelnuts, cookie pieces and sharp cranberries stirred in.  And it does taste good!  I love dark chocolate anyway, and with the cranberries this really works as they give it a fruity tang.  The milk chocolate is lovely and creamy and melts in your mouth.  It arrived a bit cracked and chipped in places, but I’m guessing that’s where the chocolate breaks around the added bits – there weren’t any broken bits inside the packaging.

The Christmas Wreath by Hotel Chocolat

The Christmas Wreath by Hotel Chocolat

The mix of milk and dark chocolate makes this great for everyone to share, and the different bits set into the chocolate make the wreath something a bit more special than just a bar of chocolate.  The wreath slices well with a moderately sharp knife, and would make a really great end to a festive meal.

The Christmas Wreath by Hotel Chocolat

At £19 each you are paying a premium for the good quality chocolate (you can get 665g of Thorntons Continental chocolates for the same money), but if you are looking for something special this season then this is definitely worth treating yourself/your family to.

You can see a full range of Christmas and other chocolate gifts on the Hotel Chocolat website.

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