Bodhi Body Moisturiser

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You’ll remember a little while ago I tried Bodhi bath and shower products and reviewed them here on Splodz Blogz.

Recently Bodhi sent me a couple of examples of their brand new range of body moisturisers.

Jasmine Falls Relaxing Body Moisturiser

Jasmine Falls Relaxing Body Moisturiser

The scent of this thick cream is supposed to sooth the mind and promote a sense of well-being.  And the lavender really does emote relaxation.

Ylang Ylang Incensa Sensual Body Moisturiser

This is supposed to arouse and invigorate the senses.  The cream is lovely and soaks in very easily, especially after a bath or shower.  I used loads and the whole house was filled with the aroma.

I’d say if you want a strong beautiful smelling moisturiser to follow a strong beautiful smelling bath, then this is absolutely the product you need.  They are designed so you breath in deeply while moisturising your skin, the aroma gently looking after your mind while the cream looks after your body.  The most potent smelling moisturisers I have ever tried – in a good way.

You can see the full range of Bodhi products on their website, it’s well worth a look, it’s just a shame you can’t get smell-o-vision online!

  1. Molly

    I love the Bodhi bath therapies, and now that they have introduced these body creams I am in heaven! They are really fabulous as you say. I love the way the aroma fills the house after a bath or shower, yet I think the effect is quite subtle when the cream sinks in? Great review, thanks 🙂

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