The Beach Towel Clip

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Okay I know, not exactly beach weather at the moment… but maybe you’re lucky and off somewhere hot for a week or two soon?

Beach Towel Clip

Here’s an idea.  The Beach Towel Clip is a great way to stop your beach towel from blowing away – no need to search for stones or use your flip flops or suncream to keep your towel where it’s supposed to be.  These plastic pegs secure your towel to the sand keeping it flat.

As an idea these are great but as it is November and I haven’t had an afternoon to spare over the last couple of weeks I’ve not been to Skeggy or any other suitable location to try them for real.  I will… when I get a chance… and I’ll report back then.

Quality-wise these seem well made and will be resistant to the sand and sea.  They will also pack in a beach bag easily.

The clips come in a box of four (in orange, blue or white) for £9.99.  See The Beach Towel Clip website for more information.

What do you reckon?  Something you’d find useful?

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