Feel Good Cocktails

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These drinks are such a good idea.  Ready mixed popular cocktails… without the alcohol.  Perfect for all the family this festive season.  Feel Good sent me some to try.

Feel Good Cocktails

Each of these three gently sparkling cocktail drinks is fruit based and counts as one of your five a day.  They come in 750ml bottles and are made with made with 100% natural ingredients and contain no added sugar.

There are three varieties – Mojito, Bucks Fizz and Peach Bellini.  These are a fantastic alternative to everything else on the market (move over Shloer and Appletiser) for an evening in or a festive celebration.  They will look great on any table too with the bright sleeves and are so much better for you than the real thing…

Most importantly they all taste really good – especially the Bucks Fizz which is my personal favourite (I think, it’s close!) – and work great with food or on their own.  The peach in the Bellini comes through nicely, the mint in the Mojito is subtle but definitely there, and the Bucks Fizz makes for a great toast.

They are a definite hit in our house and I’ll be buying more over the Christmas period.  Best chilled and over ice, you can use them as mixers if you like, but I’ll be sticking with them straight from the bottle.

Find out more about Feel Good drinks on their website http://www.feelgooddrinks.co.uk/. RRP is £2.49 each.

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