White Rabbit England Rabbit Lamp

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How totally gorgeous and cute is this lamp?

White Rabbit England Rabbit Lamp

I saw it on The Ana Mum Diary a week or so ago and commented that I thought it was gorgeous, and White Rabbit England asked me if I’d like to review one. So here it is. And I love it even more in real life.

White Rabbit England Rabbit Lamp

It’s designed as a night light for kids, and it would look amazing in a nursery, but it really isn’t necessary to have any kids to appreciate this piece.  It’s cute but not “cartoony” in appearance – the shape is beautiful and the bunny has a lifelike stance and expression that is often all wrong on bunny shaped items.  I particularly like the “one ear up, one ear down” design as it reminds me of my Chocolate when she was tiny before both ears lopped fully.  Although for some reason Chocolate and Ginger weren’t keen on posing with the lamp (I’ll get a pic of them with it over the Christmas period sometime!).

White Rabbit England Rabbit Lamp

The lamp is made from silky white bone china here in England.  The light glows through the china giving a soft warm glow that is a nice low level light for a room ideal as ambient light (this isn’t a lamp to read by).  It would sit on a bedside table or on top of a bookcase in a bedroom, or would be very happy in the corner of lounge or dining room too.

White Rabbit England Rabbit Lamp

You can find the lamp on the White Rabbit England website priced at £59.  That might seem a lot in the first instance but when you look at the quality of this and what it is it really is very reasonable.  I think it’s simply adorable and it will absolutely be staying on my kitchen window sill because it looks perfect there.  Yes, I am a 30-something year old in love with a cute night light!

If you do have kids and think this would make a great theme for your nursery then you may also be interested in the adorable Rabbit Cushion and Rabbit Crockery – and there are other matching items on the website too.

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  1. Karen Stubbington

    So excited by this review!!

    Father Christmas is bringing one of these for Elsie’s room I saw it a few months ago & LOVED it!

    Glad it’s as lovely as I thought it would be!

    Karen x

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