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Well it’s nearly the end of 2011… thinking about those New Year’s Resolutions yet?  Got big plans for 2012 that require a stunning outfit?  Do you have to choose your outfits based on what you own that fits rather than what you own that will knock them dead?!  Maybe you’re sat at your computer right now (like I am), not able to get quite as close to the desk as you could because you’ve got more around your middle than this time last year (like I am!)?

Yea yea I know.  We shouldn’t be worrying too much about fitness and shape and weight etc right now though (not before the Christmas and New Year Celebrations are out of the way)… but come 1st January I bet a good number of my readers will be making promises to themselves to get fitter in 2012 so they can get more out of life and have more energy.

Yes??? Me too.

But it’s ok, I’m not writing a post about how you should better yourself. I’m a woman, and I know that the first thing us girls do when we’ve promised ourselves we’ll do more exercise is to make sure we’ve got the right kit!  And if you’re like me then your starting from a point which means you don’t look great in tight cropped leggins and crop tops yet – what you want is something that is comfortable to wear, stylish, and doesn’t cost the earth.

Next have teamed up with fitness fanatic Davina McCall and will be launching a brand new range of workout and post-workout clothing, as well as footwear, so you can start your new routine wearing something you like that will take you to the next level.  Next gave me some preview images of the range to show you, and I have to say of the pictures they sent this is my favourite outfit…

Davina For Next Preview

Davina For Next Shoes Preview

This stripey loose fitting top and cute joggers would be perfect for all sorts of classes (or exercise DVDs etc) and look really comfy. I reckon I could get fit wearing that pairing for sure!!  And yes I know I can’t wear two pairs of trainers at the same time but I was thinking the black pair for exercise and the metalic pumps for going home afterwards?!  The prices are pretty good too – the top £18, joggers £25, trainers £45 and pumps £28.

There are other designs and styles too. Think fitted and supporting tops, tshirts perfect to slip on after that spinning class, ballet pumps with specially designed soles to reduce stress on load bearing joints.

I have done a few of Davina’s DVDs and recognise her enthusiasm for getting and keeping fit – it’s infectious and I wish I was a little more like her.  I wonder if clothing can encapsulate that motivation?  I guess we have to wait until the range is launched and available in the Spring to find out.

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