The Fairy Hobmother Visited!

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Right at the end of 2011 I had an email from the Fairy Hobmother from Appliances Online.  Her mission is to bring joy and happiness to the world’s bloggers by providing treats for great, hard work in the blogosphere!

She knew from a comment I had made on another blog that I was really after some new small appliances and accessories for my kitchen – lime green ones – and starting with a lime green kettle.  So she gifted me one… (That’s a very American phrase isn’t it? Sorry about that!).

Lime Green Kettle

Thank you Fairy Hobmother and Appliances Online (see here for their Best Washing Machine) for my new kettle… now I just need to save up to buy the rest!

Lime Green Kettle

Are you a blogger in need a visit from the Fairy Hobmother? What would you ask her for? Comment below with your wish and you never know, she might pay you a visit.

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  1. cshimmon

    I absolutely love baking and am sooo happy to just have got a working oven- yay! But the one thing I’m missing is a good mixer for baking- and doing everything by hand is so hard for me as I have problems with my arm.

    I wonder if the Fairy Hobmother could make my dream come true?

  2. @Morrighani

    Wow, that is an awesome colour! I’d love to see the rest of your kitchen if this is your colourscheme!

    It’s such a difficult decision though, if you could wish for one thing from the Fairy Hobmother, what would you get… The practical part of me knows that somehow we’ve managed to wear out a relatively expensive TEFAL saucepan/fying pan etc set in 5 years, so some good quality pans would be fantastic – no more scraped off the bottom of the pan meals! That’s not really an appliance though I suppose.

    The decadent part of me has always said that when I get a dishwasher, then I’ll know I’ve made it, although where we’d put one I have no idea!!

    And the creative baker… well, the four year old in me says “GET A CUPCAKE MAKER, OR EDIBLE GLITTER OR AMUSINGLY SHAPED COOKIE CUTTERS OR FUNNY ICING NOZZLES ETC.ETC.” It says this whilst jumping up and down on the bed with chocolate smeared round its face.

    Truly I am a woman of many facets.

  3. rubyophelia

    Just found your blog… what a wonderful read 🙂 The Fairy Hobmother sounds exactly like what I need… I’m trying to set up my kitchen for moving into my first flat and there are more Amazon Wish Lists being created by me than I can shake a stick at!

    Top of the list is a standing food mixer as I’ve been busy blogging all my gluten free recipes and have just started on my next challenge of making the HummingBird Bakery book Cake Days into a gluten free guide… But, my 3-in-1 hand blender AND free-standing mixer have both packed in! Typically wonderful, electrical applicance timing!

    So… here’s hoping the Fairy Hobmother hears my wishes and appliance dilemmas! x

  4. Dragons And Fairy Dust

    I love the colour of that kettle, its so cheerful. Recently I realised that my kitchen was in desperate need of a new toaster. That may sound like something that is obvious, well its not. I have a toaster but it can only make two slices of toast at once. This is fine when there is just one of you who wants toast, but recently my mum and dad came to stay. There were five of us sitting down for breakfast and we all wanted toast. I found myself running backwards and forwards to the kitchen making more and more toast and having no time to sit down and eat breakfast. A toaster that allowed you to feed the five thousand with minimum effort would be magical!

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