New Walkers Crisps – First Taste

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I’ve tried and tested new Walkers Crisps before… Remember Clash of the Comics or the Walkers Crinkles?

Well they’ve asked me to try something new again – but this time haven’t actually given me much info on what it is I’m eating.  The three bags came in the post with big question marks all over them and “meaty” “spicy” and “dairy” as labels. Ok then!

New Walkers Crisps

As a massive fan of crisps I wasted no time in opening each bag and giving them a taste – all for the name of Splodz Blogz of course!


New Walkers Crisps - Meaty

A fairly dark coloured crisp with specs of green on them, they certainly smelt meaty.  The ingredients on the grey bag are what you’d expect – well except “mystery meaty seasoning”. I’ve no idea if I’m supposed to be guessing what the actual flavour is supposed to be but I reckon it’s either roast chicken with herbs or lamb and mint. I know, I know, I’m supposed to know the difference between the two, but when I imagined chicken that’s what I could taste, and when I imagined lamb that’s what I could taste. My final answer is lamb and mint. I think. Or maybe chicken. Oh dear.  Anyway, a nice non-greasy crisp.


New Walkers Crisps - Spicy

Darker than the “meaty” ones, more orangy even, these smelt of curry and tasted of it too.  Not overpowering or anything, and not a specific curry like Korma or Madras, just curry.  Really nice, one I’ll be buying when they’re launched (assuming I’ve not got the flavour completely wrong!).


New Walkers Crisps - Dairy

Ok so when I read this on the packet I was really quite concerned. My first thoughts when I read “dairy” were “milk” followed by “don’t be silly they wouldn’t make a milk flavoured crisp”, and then “egg”. Egg? My other half quite sensibly suggested cheese. Ah yes, of course it would be. On opening the packet and giving the light coloured crisps a good sniff I soon realised it wasn’t – and the taste test confirmed – soured cream, for sure. And chive, soured cream and chive. Quite strong but not overpowering, I really enjoyed these, my favourite of the bunch.

I’m gonna be so embarrassed when the actual flavours of these crisps are announced… I’m guessing, but I don’t know for certain, that the announcement on 23rd January mentioned on the Walkers website is something to do with this. Don’t know though, my contact at Walkers wouldn’t say!  I’ll certainly be looking out for the info, just to see what the flavours actually were!

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  1. memybooksandi

    You’re very brave, I wouldn’t be able to taste something if I didn’t know the actual flavour! I look forward to them revealing what they are, I’m sure you’ve guessed right though 🙂

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