MaltEaster Mini Bunnies

MaltEaster Mini Bunnies

I’m quite partial to Maltesers (who isn’t?), and I love the MaltEaster Bunnies they bring out when the Cadbury’s Creme Eggs are in the shops… but these were new to me and I couldn’t resist (let’s face it, I can never resist a lunch time treat!).

What we have here is a bag of Mini Bunnies – chocolate bunny shapes filled with a Malteser filling.

I don’t actually think these are particularly mini – I was expecting a bag of teeny little bunnies, but what I got was five individually wrapped fairly large (more-than-one-bite-sized) chocolate bunny shapes.  Each one is a similar size to a Freddo bar actually, perfect for a kid or just for a very quick light chocolate fix (62 calories in each bunny).

The filling isn’t just like the crunchy filling in  a normal Malteser, but soft and creamy, just like you get in the bigger bunnies.  They are really yummy and I’d definitely have another packet (yes, I ate them all, but not all at once) – although I would probably be more tempted by the normal sized ones.

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