I'd Make an Awesome Blue Peter Presenter

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Have you seen the amazing achievement by Helen Skelton getting to the South Pole entirely under her own steam, carrying everything she needed herself?  It’s the coldest and windiest place on earth (temperatures down to -50 degrees celcius), and she walked, kite skied and even cycled parts of the 500 mile route.  What a fantastic thing to have done.

Helen is one of the current Blue Peter presenters… her day job is being on kids telly.  But Blue Peter isn’t just any kids TV programme is it? The presenters have to be up for pretty much anything, not just presenting live television, but also testing themselves with challenges, feats of physical endurance, and working with both children and animals.

Ever since I was tiny my “what I want to be when I grow up” dream has been to be a Blue Peter presenter. I know, come on Zoe, you’re 31 now, that dream has long passed by. Er no it hasn’t – I still wanna be a Blue Peter presenter!

I was chatting to @RubellesMoon (her blog) over on Twitter earlier and it appears I’m not the only one.  She made me remember my dream (hers is the same), and informed me that one of the current presenters is in fact 31 years old. Woohoo I’m not too old!

I mean, Blue Peter presenters get to go on trips, learning about the culture and taking part in sports and activities from extreme sports to school lessons in foreign countries.  They get to meet and interview loads of interesting people – genuine heroes and celebrities.  They do loads of work for charity and get to encourage kids to be creative.  They get to learn new skills and achieve amazing things, and take part in World Record attempts like hula hooping and mattress dominoes!  And the fact is quite simple. I want a go!

Blue Peter Badges

Don’t you think I could do that? I’d love to have a pile of Guinness World Records to my name. I could prance about the place trying new things, cover things in sticky back plastic, make an advent wreath out of wire coat hangers, even sit on a sofa and tell a serious story if I was asked to.  I even baked butterfly cakes on Friday!

So where/when do I audition?

In the mean time (before I take up my position as the next Blue Peter presenter…), I’ll continue to set myself challenges and try new things for my own enjoyment. Ah well!

Update: Look… Blue Peter have a four week work placement opportunity in April!

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