Whooga Ugg Boots Competition

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This competition is now closed. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Splodz Blogz soon. Good luck to everyone who has entered!

The nice people at Whooga have given me a pair of boots to give away in a competition here on Splodz Blogz. Check out my review to find out more about Whooga ugg boots.

Whooga Ugg Boots - As Worn

The winner will be able to choose their preferred style/colour from the Whooga website, so this really is a great prize that you can keep yourself or give to a friend.

To enter please comment on this blog post telling me what makes your feet most comfy.

It might be a particular pair of shoes or socks, a specific chair, a bed in your favourite hotel or in your favourite holiday destination. Whatever it is, tell me about it to be in with a chance of winning.

You must also like Whooga on facebook or follow them on twitter – please state which you have done in your comment below (please only comment once).

Whooga Ugg Boots - Labelling

Make sure you enter by 8pm on Friday 2nd March for your entry to count, and take a note of the rules below.

The Rules

  • This competition is open to UK residents only.
  • You must be aged 18 years old or over at the time of entry.
  • The competition closes at 8pm on Friday 2nd March 2012.
  • Entry is by making a relevant comment on this post and by liking Whooga on facebook or following them on twitter.
  • Entrants must include a valid email address in the box provided (will not be published).
  • You can only enter once. If you post more than one comment only your first will count as entry into the competition.
  • Members of my immediate family cannot enter (sorry!).
  • The winner will be picked at random from all eligible entries and be announced on Splodz Blogz soon after the closing date.
  • The prize is one pair of Whooga ugg boots as chosen by the winner.
  • The winner must respond to their email from Splodz Blogz within two days or I reserve the right to re-draw.
  • The winner’s details will be given to Whooga and they will arrange the prize directly. Details will not be used for any other purpose.
  • You don’t get any extra entries for tweeting or posting about this competition anywhere, but I don’t mind if you do (go on… you know you want to – use one of the share buttons below!).
  • Oh… and my decision is final (I like saying that!).

327 Responses

  1. Vita

    My feet feel most comfy after a hot bath in a nice pair of bed socks! I already follow Whooga on twitter! @goriami 🙂

    • Lisa Pope

      i love to borrow my daughter’s fluffy socks, they’re the comfiest socks I’ve come accross.I bought them for her, now I wish I’d bought myself a pair too!.

      Was already following Whooga on FB & I’ve just followed on twitter

  2. MunchKim

    My feet are most comfy when they are in my UGGs slippers, they’re so soft and warm, it’s like each foot is getting it’s own hug 😀

    I was already following Whooga on Twitter so I’ve liked their Facebook page as well for this today 🙂

  3. Corrine shimmon

    My feet are definitely most comfortable in those first few moments when you’ve just taken off your shoes/socks etc… Freedom! Lol

    Following on twitter.

  4. Michelle Mortimer

    I couldn’t not enter this one, seeing as how I’m not actually allowed to buy any shoes for a whole year!!

    What makes my feet comfiest? It has to be my little beagle 🙂 Bella the beagle has a bit of a foot fetish, as I have (had!) a shoe fetish, and loves to hug my feet. She will roll on them when I come home from work. She also loves to sit on them when I’m relaxing with them up on the footstool watching TV. She makes them especially comfortable when she snuggles up to them in bed. Cosy and warm 🙂 I think she finds the smell comforting 😉

    I’ve followed Whooga on Twitter by the way.

  5. S Bull

    My feet have never been comfier than in my old sheepskin slippers I had bought for me a few years ago. They’re proper old Granny style but oh so comfy I didn’t care what they looked like! The day our dog decided to pinch one and bury it in the garden was a very sad day, still trying to replace them nearly a year later lol. I follow Whooga on twitter @SqueakyBull
    Thanks for a great competition xx

  6. Mel Butcher

    I love the relaxing and relieveing feel of removing my shoes and socks after a long day of walking or shopping, the relief is great when I take my shes off and fantastic when the socks come off too.
    I already followed Whooga on Twitter and have just liked their Facebook page too.
    Thank you for the competition.

  7. Donna Gilligan

    Mine are most comfy when wrapped up toasty warm in bed, I follow Whoogaboots on twitter @Bdonna191

  8. Melanie Edjourian

    a friend bought me some real soft, snuggly socks for christmas, my feet loooooooooove them 😉 im following whooga on twitter as @MelanieMse and following them on Facebook as Melanie Edjourian, fingers crossed x

  9. Jo Bryan

    May sound strange but my feet feel most comfy and very happy, after a long descent down the cliff steps at Bedruthan Steps walking to a deserted cove along the great stretch, rolling out the blankets and then finally wiggling my toes in the sand….bliss

    I already follow Whooga on Twitter and just liked the FB page,

  10. sharon griffin

    walking on the soft sand at the beach in the summer always makes my feel feet lovely and relaxed x

  11. Susan Gray

    Follow Whooga on twitter (susan1375) and f/book (joan gray) I imagine a foot massage by Brad Pitt or George Clooney would make my feet (and me) very happy. As that isnt going to happen in this lifetime I think a warm bath with bath salts makes my feet smile.

  12. loobyvee

    The thing that makes my feet the most comfy is having nothing on (my feet)!

    I have liked Whooga on FB

  13. deborah hume

    Thank you for such a great comp…..liking and following on facebook and twitter.
    facebook: deborah hume
    twitter: @deborahhume

  14. Debbie Gillespie

    For Christmas my mum bought me a pair of UGG slippers. They are the cosiest and most comfortable slippers I’ve ever worn. My feet are usually very cold but these make my feet feel so warm and toasty. Its absolutely heavenly :o)

    Following on twitter @jazza1 and on facebook as Debbie Gillespie

  15. deborah hume

    oopps forgot to say my most comfy thing for my feet is my ugg sleepers, i live in them xxx

  16. Lisa Waugh

    My feet feel most comfy after a footspa and when i have them up on the sofa drinking a glass of wine. I already follow you on facebook.

    cheers Lisa

  17. cutiecandypop

    My feet are most comfy after a warm bath, lying on the sofa in my pyjamas and resting my feet on my husband! Just the ticket after a tough day being a mummy!

    I’m following on facebook and on twitter xx

  18. Saran Benjamin

    My feet are most comfy when I am barefoot but I am partial to a pair of soft boots too.

  19. Liz

    My feet (and the rest of me!) are probably most comfortable when I’m soaking them in a hot bath.

    I’m following whooga on twitter.

  20. leah gorman

    my feet feel most comfy when ive soaked them,and put them in my big fluffy slippers

  21. Jade

    My feet at the most comfy when theyre in my boot slippers with furry insides. Love cosy feet and LOVE this competition!!!

  22. Gillian Holmes

    I’m following you on Twitter as @00annabellee00

    I like your Facebook page as Annabel Lee

    You can’t bet a pair of nice fluffy bedsocks

  23. dean parker

    money! and slipper and hot chocolate!
    following you on twitter @forrester27
    liked facebook page dean parker

  24. Conny Jones

    My feet feel most comfy when I take my ski boots of after a days skiing and put some soft boots on, its like walking on cotton wool!

  25. Kirsty Fox

    My feet are most comfy in a thick pair of slipper socks, bliss!

    I like Whooga on Facebook – Kirsty Fox

  26. victoria wilkes

    My feet are most comfy when they are wrapped up in a big fluffy duvet and fluffy socks 🙂 x

  27. Andrew Fanning

    Walking on new carpet barefoot or with socks you cant beat that soft feeling.

  28. Sue Rowley

    My feet soaked in hot water with afew drops of my favourite perfume, buffed dry then fluffy socks on.

    liked on facebook

  29. Nicky Benton

    My feet always feel most comfortable when walking on a warm sandy beach. Walking barefoot on grass comes a close second . Am following Whooga on fb and twitter

  30. paula stephens

    because there” s nothing like a pair of Whooga”s keeps you on your toes

  31. maisietoo

    My feet are most comfortable, at night, in two pairs of socks or resting on a hot-water bottle! (Yes, I get cold feet.)
    Like on facebook as Maya Russell and on Twitter as @maisietoo

  32. claire woods

    My slippers – usually worn at the end of a busy day. My slippers are warm and comfy.

  33. Rachel Dann

    My feet are most comfortable in the evenings after my husband has massaged Tea Tree Oil into them after a long stressful day! My feet feel so light afterwards x

    Following on both Facebook and Twitter @dannclan xx

  34. Amy Brown

    I feel comfy in joggers and a hoody after a long day!! not forgetting the slippers aswell!

    following on twitter 🙂


  35. Bec Hambleton

    Have followed on twitter.
    In the winter there’s nothing better than slipping on a pair of comfy cosy slippers or furry boots making my feet feel all snug like wrapping up in a big blanket.
    In the summer anything that lets my feet breathe and feel like I’m not wearing anything on my feet

  36. Helena

    My feet are comfiest in my lovely lavender scented microwaveable slippers! I’ve followed on Twitter. Thanks for the brilliant giveaway 🙂

  37. Josie Ferrie

    Well actually it’s my UGG boots that my feet are comfiest in! I wear them all the time – which is why I would really like to win another pair! I’ve liked your Facebook page.

  38. corinne larner

    my feet are most comfy in my big fluffy slippers 🙂 liked and facebook and following on twitter xx

  39. Claire Louise Jones

    My feet are most comfy when wearing my snuggly fur boots. They would feel even more snuggly in these gorgeous boots 🙂

  40. Claire Louise Jones

    I’ve liked your FB page and followed you on twitter @clairie_jones

  41. sharon mckenna

    Comfy feet are feet under a blanket on the sofa with a glass of wine within reach!

  42. paula burnside

    I am most comfy when I jump into my lovely warm bed after a long day…….

  43. Nancy Forbes

    My feet are poorly negelcted and need the confort of Uggs to make me fel whole again 🙂

  44. Annette

    My feet are most comfy in my Beech Comfys, like flip flops but with a separator between each toe. Really hard to get on but so worth it!
    Follow on facebook and twitter @mesafish

  45. Martina

    My feet feel most comfy when I put them up on our coffee table after hard day at work.

  46. cotswoldclaire

    My feet are comfy if they are warm, if they are warm I am happy when they get cold I am not. Currently warm and comfy raised up on the coffe table 🙂
    Following on Twitter: Cotswold_claire

  47. Arabella Bazley

    I think they feel best after a pedicure and a foot massage…. very difficult to do yourself but I am willing to let anyone have a go! Already follow Whooga on Twitter, @UtterlyBumpty, and have followed on FB. Fabulous giveaway – if I were related to you I might seriously think about disowning you so I could enter 😉

  48. saminder gumer

    what makes me feel most comfy is sitting on my couch with my ugg slippers on and curled up in my favorite blanket watching tv and sipping on hot chocolate.

  49. islay

    my feet are comfiest when they have a pair of fluffy bed socks on, and they have a fresh pedicure 🙂

  50. Jo Turner

    My lovely Totes toasty socks make my feet comfortable. My mum buys my some new ones every Xmas! x

    Liked on facebook (Jo Ruth Turner) and followon Twitter (@JoTurner5)

  51. Madara Pavilaite

    My feet feels most comfy in nice, warm thick socks and just laying in my bed, crossed one over other.
    I already followed Whooga on Twitter and Facebook.

  52. Fran Light

    I feel most comfy snuggled up in bed with my cat curled up besides me, purring!
    I’ve liked you on Facebook as ‘Francesca Light-Wilson’ and I am following you on Twitter as @LoveWinning

  53. Danielle Vedmore

    My favourite slippers are sooooooooooo comfy. They come up to my calf so they keep my ankles warm too. They are furry too so my tootsies are cozy and warm. Have followed on fb and twitter @tinkertink2010 xoxo

  54. Jane Willis

    The comfiest thing ever is wearing Fit Flops on a warm sunny day. It’s like not wearing shoes at all – only without the grit between your toes.
    I’m following Whooga on Twitter @janesgrapevine

  55. Dawn Henson

    My feet are most comfy when I have taken my socks off. Cannot stand socks on in the house. Very irritating. Follow you on Facebook and subscribed to Whooga.

  56. Natalie Holland

    What makes my feet nice and comfortable are …having a warm bubble bath and getting into a cosy pair of slippers!! Already like Whigs on Facebook xx


    A pair of my old battered trainers,they are so comfy I just can’t throw them away.

  58. Carolynn Woodland

    I bought some gorgeous 2.3 tog socks at a Garden Centre – they are fantastic

  59. Jay Scales

    Have liked on facebook.

    My feet are comfiest when I’m in bed with the fluffy electric bkanket on – warm and soft!

  60. FionaLynne Edwards

    I love my summer FitFlops – they are amazingly comfy and I can’t wait to wear them again this year.

    • FionaLynne Edwards

      Sorry forgot to say I’ve liked Whooga on Facebook – I’m Fee Lynne Edwards and already follow on Twitter @figgygee


    My feet are most comfy when they have my slipper socks on after a nice hot shower, when they have lovely mint foot cream on and I’m all relaxed 🙂

  62. Nicky Russell

    My feet are at their most comfie when I have my cosy sheepskin slippers on 🙂

  63. Jane Davis

    My comfy pink fluffy bed socks… give my feet a treat.

    Liked an fb Jane Supergirl Davis

  64. Paula T

    Barefoot is when my feet are most comfy, but have to be careful as one of my cats loves feet.I’m following Whooga on Twitter @MrsPmt

  65. Lesley Taylor

    My feet are most comfy naked, with sun warmed sand beneath them.

    I have liked on FB and followed on Twitter 🙂

  66. Zoe G

    My feet are at their snuggliest when after I’ve been on them all day, I have a bath and then put my Christmas fluffy slipper socks on, bliss

    Followed Whooga on Twitter and Facebook

  67. Lynn Blakeman

    I love to curl up in bed and then my cat sneaks under the duvet and lies on my feet, so soft and cosy! I am following on both facebook and twitter, twitter name is @LynnieMSE

  68. jackie edwards

    My feet are most comfy when i put on my Ugg boots without socks? its like walking on a deep pile carpet

  69. Julie F

    My feet were the most comfortable when I bought my first pair of uggs to wear to Disneyland Paris in Dec 09, after wearing high heeled boots there in previous years. Now flat sheepskin lined boots are the only ones I wear when I go there, you don’t even have to wear socks even in December and can walk all day with no aching feet and blisters. Heaven

  70. Tracy Burgess

    My feet are comfiest lounging around in my old pair of woolly walking socks…not actually hiking across hill and dale.

    Liked on facebook

  71. carol egan

    My feet are most comfy in my bright pink Crocs – not the most alluring of looks I admit but my hobbit feet love them.

    I have liked on Facebook –

  72. Joanne thomas

    barefoot on my sheepskin rug in front of the fire

    following you on twitter @Runnerduck22

    like you on facebook

  73. Sarah Wray

    I work at home sitting at the computer a lot, and my feet get really cold. For Christmas my husband bought me an electric foot warmer. It looks like one giant slipper that you plug in and that grannies might use, but I love it – my feet have never been so happy and toasty!

    (I followed you on Twitter – I’m @wray_sarah )

  74. Suzanne Cooke

    My feet feel most comfy in my fleecy slippers after a hard days shopping, liked and fb and twitter @angoraferrets

  75. Nikki Webber

    My feet are most comfy after a long day on my feet, having a nice hot bubble bath and if im lucky, a little foot rub from my boyfriend 😀 x

  76. Nikki Webber

    oops forgot to say Ive liked page and followed on twitter as @NakkiNoo83

  77. Sarah-Jane Laycock

    Have liked on FB, Aveda peppermint foot cream – never fails to soothe, pamper and cosset my feet in any situation – puts the ‘sole’ back into my step!

  78. lucy osborne

    my feet are most comfy when i have my thick fluffy socks on and i have them up on the sofa, and i’m wrapped up in my fur blanket

  79. tamalyn roberts

    my feet are the most comfiest in my new slipper boots, they are the best, especially after a nice hit bath! luckily they are also washable so they are always tip top and comfy.

  80. Ann M

    I have a pair of microwavable slippers, so when I am wearing them my feet are lovely and warm and cosy. I am following you on Twitter.

  81. Christina Noble

    My feet feel most comfy when they are being treated to a bubbly foot spa – bliss

  82. Alice Boardman

    After a hard day on my feet my ultimate luxury is stand in a bath of icy cold water for 5-10 minutes, then dry with a fluffy warm towel and put two (yes two!) pairs of socks on and go put my feet up on a stool lounging in front of the fire. Toe heaven!! Happy feet ready for another day.

    • Alice Boardman

      doh – I meant to say also following on Facebook (Alice Boardman) and twitter (@caliben7)

      got carried away thinking of putting my feet up!

  83. Bev Thomas

    My feet are comfiest after a bath then have cream massaged in by my hubby. Makes me tingle all over!

  84. Si Jackson

    My feet are comfiest in big fluffy socks 🙂

    twitter name – @xsweetcheeksx

  85. Tina Hoffman

    After a long and hectic day
    My body needs a treat
    I love snuggling up with my man
    And hoping he’ll rub my feet!

    The chance is slim I must admit
    And can lead to disputes
    I think I stand a better chance
    If I win these lovely boots!

    PS – (Have liked on Facebook!)

  86. fiona beard

    Hand knitted socks and my dog lying on my feet – double comfy!!
    Liked on facebook

  87. Tracey Belcher

    Sprawled across the sofa legs stretched out,
    Having hubby gently massage my feet, there really is no doubt
    That my feet are most comfortable when on his lap they rest
    As they relax and say thank you hubby your simply the best

  88. catherine sage

    My feet are most comfy when they have been massaged and pampered, I then slip on a pair of my uber soft snuggie socks and keep them warm.

    Following on twitter @kittycatty12 and on facebook.

  89. vaelrie mccarthy

    I love to scrub my feet with a brush, use an exfoliator cream and lotion. I also like to slip my feet into lotion socks after a long day and keep them on over night while I sleep. It feels so fab.

  90. Hilda Hazel Wright

    Hi, thanks for the competition! My feet hurt most of the time because I have chillblains at the moment! I am very kind to them though and don’t make them wear uncomfortable footwear but I don’t have anything as nice as these boots, I bet they’re amazing! The only time they’re really comfy is in bed with the electric blanket on because they finally seem to get warm there! Brrr roll on summer!

    • Hilda Hazel Wright

      ps (sorry!) forgot to mention I’m following Whooga on facebook and twitter! @WrightyH

  91. cher waite

    My feet are comfiest in my snuggly slipper socks my mum brought me back from her holidays a few years back, they are increasingly tatty and discoloured but there is no pedi-comfort like it! Following on twitter @spritneybeers

  92. Trish

    I am addicted to FitFlops but my feet feel the best when my husband does a reflexology session on them!

    I have followed and liked (@trisho1)

  93. Georgina Ball

    I have a pair of slipper boots which are so, so comfy! Following on twitter!

  94. Jo Jones

    My feet I have to boast,
    are as warm as toast,
    when in my socks for bed,
    I wrap them round my Fred.

    Liked on Facebook

  95. Alasdair MacInnes

    My feet feel most comfortable when I take my boots and socks off, after a long shift, the cool down is brilliant 😀

  96. Cheryll H

    Barefoot in the summer, preferably after my oh has just cut the grass 🙂 Scrummy!

  97. Julie Andrews

    I love my slippers, they are pink and fluffy and are the first thing I put on when I get home @jujugaboo

  98. Jo Young

    My feet are most comfy when they’re walking along a beach paddling in the sea!
    Like on FB – JoJo Young
    Following on Twitter – @BoostieBoo

  99. maureen findley

    I simply love my slipper socks. they have lovely fur inside and are so soft

  100. Ceri Kay

    I love a pair of really comfy but pretty pink gingham shoes. I have followed on Twitter user @CeriKay.

  101. emma lowe

    i love wearing my slipper socks, they keep my feet warm,nice and cosy
    following on twitter @emmajlowe
    liker on facebook

  102. Cecelia Allen

    Mine are most comfy in slipper socks resting on a pouffewhile I’m on the settee. Following Whooga on Twitter@cistolic

  103. Jenni

    My feet are most comfortable when my boyfriend gives me a foot massage 🙂 love it!

    Following Whooga on Twitter.

  104. Dawn Costen

    My feet are most comfortable when I have my big thermal socks on! They are truly like wearing a thick piled carpet around, they are gorgeous!!

    I am following Whooga on Twitter as @DawnCosten

  105. Eleanor Jones

    I have an old battered pair of topshop boots that I love and despite them having large holes in I just can’t throw them away!

  106. Luisa Lauren

    My feet are most comfy when I stretch them out in bed, and then put them on my husband to warm them up!

  107. Katie H

    After a lovely long soak in the bath, my feet are most comfy when they’ve just been dried and smothered in a gorgeous scented moisturiser, making them feel silky smooth! Have followed on Twitter 🙂 xx

  108. Rebecca John

    My feet are most comfortable in my sheepskin slippers. Liked on Facebook (Becky John)

  109. Vikki Cross

    I feel most comfy when i get into a nice freshly clean bed! It has to be the most comfy feeling in the world!
    I have liked on facebook
    and followed on twitter @vikkic2210

  110. Deborah Wheeler

    In my moccasin slippers and warm socks with my feet up in my recliner chair
    Following on Twitter as @debwh142

  111. Caroline Scott

    My feet are most comfy when I am barefoot in the grass on a Summer’s day with my toes wriggling against the cool earth. I am a fan of Whooga on Facebook and I follow on Twitter as @plumblossom23

  112. gillian werrett

    I have giant tiger feet slippers that are super comfy but not very practical for the outdoors 🙂

  113. sarah

    my feet are most comfy at work! we have to wear clogs which they order in specially and they’re the most comfortable shoes i’ve ever worn. following on twitter @jedisarah

  114. Sharon

    This has to be my fluffy slipper boots ..i love them and live in them .

    Following on FB


    The things that make my feet feel most comfy are my croc mules and ugg boots in the winter they keepmy feet really warm a cosy.

  116. lisa prince

    i love nothing more than soaking my feet in a hot bubble bath them giving them a good moisturise and painting my toes before playing footsey with the other half , thats comfort

  117. Hele

    We have no carpet anywhere in our house so I couldn’t live without my slippers! Sooo comfy 🙂 Following them via twitter (@milkpetal) x

  118. Nina C

    Has to be my slippers with a really comfy cork base. They’re lovely to slip on after a hectic day!
    Following on twitter (@nc099) and on Facebook

  119. Vicky Louise Brett Robinson

    My feet feel comfiest barefoot – lying down late at night on my comfy leather sofa all wrapped up in a soft fleecy blanket & having a well earned rest after a busy day.
    Followed on Twitter by Vickypinkpigxx

  120. Joanna Coleshill

    My feet are most comfy when they’re naked! I love being barefoot.

  121. Diane Carey

    My feet are most comfy after a hot bath and wearing some soft socks and roomy comfy slippers. Liked on FB and following on Twitter @capodemonte

  122. Elizabeth Smith

    My feet are fond of a dog or two sitting on them and keeping them warm!Following on Twitter

  123. Leigh Larkin

    Ooo. When having a pedicure. Not that this has happened since buba came along. Nothing is comfy now! 🙂 Have liked on FB.

  124. Leanne Lunn

    I love my bootie slippers they are so comfy and warm 🙂

  125. lucy clark

    My comfiest feet are when I pick a pair of shoes which fit right so they don’t cut my heals they have to be flat as i can’t do heals. Try and wear nothing on your feet when your at home and give your feet a breather – I find this really helps. I have liked you on Facebook 🙂

  126. Michelle Williams

    I love being in a nice warm bath, this always makes my feet feel great.

    Have liked on FB and followed on twitter (@alexlukeshelby)

  127. Natalie White

    My feet are most comfy when they’re walking across warm sand on a gorgeous beach! (Liked on Facebook as Natalie White)

  128. leanne newsome

    My feet are most comfiest when my partner rubs them with oils pure lush. They would be even more so if I had these boots 8)

  129. Jules

    Walking on sand – preferably next to a beautiful blue sea – heaven!!!

  130. Florence Cross

    My feet love my North Face flipflops. They are much happier having a bit of air. Liking in facebook.

  131. Amanda H

    Snuggling up under the duvet on a cold morning, knowing that you should have been up already. Always seems comfier when your supposed to be elsewhere!

  132. Rhoda

    I love having my feet held by my hubby! It sounds weird but it’s comforting and super comfy! Liked on FB & follolwing on Twitter. @rhodak09

  133. Julie Hogg

    It has to be nothing better than when you have been on your feet all day.. feet throbbing, nothing better than taking a pair of fluffy bedsocks off the radiator (have to be warm) and putting them on your feet…. pure bliss x

  134. Jo McGawley (@jobster1)

    My feet are only comfy in 2 seasons!! Winter wrapped up in my wooly boots and Summer virtually barefoot and roaming free in my flip flops!! If I had to pick one……………wooly boots in the Alps by a fire drinking vin chaud. Now that makes for some reaaaaaally comfy feet 🙂

  135. Charlotte Cottam

    my fluffy pink bed socks. 🙂 i’m following on twitter (@brumpton1991)

  136. Kerry L Waters

    My feet are most comfy walking barefoot in the sand on holiday – its complete freedom

    Im also following on twitter x

  137. katherine grieve

    Have liked whooga on fb

    katherine norrisluvsmary grieve

  138. Ann-Marie Chandler

    My feet are most comfy when walking barefoot on warm sand. I follow you on Twitter


    In the summer I sit outside in my garden and squish my feet into my kids sandpit, I close my eyes and imagine Im at the beach!! Theres nothing like the feeling of warm sand on your toes!!

    Sad, but true!

    I have liked on facebook – caroline cumbo.

    Love the blog. xxx

  140. Jacquie Bennett

    Most comfy is sat in my lounge on the sofa with a beanbag as a cushion, feet up, fire on, book in hand, dog at feet, me dressed in comfys, lush.
    Following on Twitter @xhako and FB like

    Good luck all x

  141. nikki lane

    My feet are most comfy paddling in the sea, getting a free scrub from the sand, lovely and cooling and soo refreshing! Shame its not warm enough here to do all year round!
    Like on facebook, following on twitter @mattalex2008 xx

  142. Claire Trevor

    My feet are most comfy when I’m wearing my Ugg Newberry boots. They have sheepskin on the inside and are a bit like a walking boot, I feel like I could walk forever in them:) I am following Whooga on twitter as @claire_trevor

  143. Belynda Dunsmore

    My pink celtic sheepskin slipper, so comfy and soft! followed on twitter by belynda1

  144. Phyllis Ellett

    What makes my feet most comfy? new slippers just love the feel of newly bought slippers, straight out of the box/bag. The insoles all springy, the outside all snug and not yet stretched and worn. Every three months I buy new ones and they are lovely.

    Liking on FB (Phyllis Ellett) and twitter (@phyllgerry)

  145. Olivia Heaps

    Feet are most comfy when walking on a nice hot beach through soft sand on holiday. Twitter

  146. toni quandt

    My feet are comfy when tucked up in bed and resting! have liked the whooga fb page xxxx

  147. Tracy

    My feet are most comfy in my warm furlined boots

    I already like Whooga on FB and follow on Twitter.

  148. Catherine Miller

    My comfy corner of the sofa. I think I’ve moulded it into my shape!


  149. Kate Davies

    My feet feel most comfy in my big furry snuggly wuggly monkey slippers, they are so soft and warm and after a hard day at work on my feet all day theres absolutely nothing better then coming home and slipping them on and having a rather large cup of tea!!! 🙂

  150. yvonne clark

    My Per Una slipper boots are the comfiest pair of footwear I have ever worn. I wear them all the time indoors as they are so snug and keep my feet really warm.

  151. J Lowe

    My feet feel the comfiest when they’re hanging out of the bed!

  152. Helen

    What makes my feet so comfy …. being at the beach with my family, my bare feet covered in sand; natural exfoliation and makes my feet so comfy and smooth afterwards, it’s wonderful. Can’t wait for the warm weather to come so I can do it again, it’s not quite the same at -5.

    I’m following you on Twitter – would follow on FB too but it wasn’t an and/or and I didn’t want to disqualify myself.

  153. Claire Butler

    Getting out of bed and stepping on to sheepskin rug, its so soft and lush. Especially against cold laminate flooring in rest of room

  154. Trudi Walsh

    I know I’m comfortable when I’m in my PJ’s. Pure bliss!

  155. Katherine Coldicott

    Love to wear nothing on my feet. Following Whooga on Twitter @Dwerrycat

  156. Steve Smith

    After a day on my feet at work, there is nothing like slipping into my comfy slippers… Sitting infront of our open fire with a mug of ht chocolate in hand !! I’m Jane by the way (Steve’s Wife). Liked on facebook (Steve Smith)

  157. Lesley Bain

    My feet are never comfier than when cocooned under my duvet and throw, wrapped in a fluffy pair of bed socks….sheer heaven 😀

    ‘liked’ Whooga on FB x

  158. Prerna Gupta

    I am most comfortable when I am at my parents house..sitting on sofa with my feet up and there is wonderful smell of my mom’s cooking everywhere! Following you on twitter as dr_reenu and liked you on facebook as Prerna Gupta

  159. Sue Warr

    I’m most comfy in my PJ’s, a fluffy dressing gown, and my soft slippers. A close second is being in bed with my bed socks on!

  160. Gill Manwaring

    I was brought up in a hot climate and as a child literally only wore shoes to go to school or out – the rest of the time I was barefoot and I loved it. I have been back in England for 35 years and I still go for barefoot around the house. However, I am sure a pair of Whooga Ugg Boots would make my feet feel most comfy outdoors.

    following on twitter @Opaline09

  161. Karen Barrett

    A pair of pink loopy knit kne socks that I wear at night in the wintertime ;0)

  162. vicky M

    My feet are most comfy when I have my slippers on and they are up in the couch!!
    I have liked on Facebook.

  163. Kimberley Howes

    I have a really comfy pair of slipper ballet type socks that a super fluffy and soft inside. They keep my feet cosy and warm.
    Following on Twitter as @twinklestar222
    Following on FB as Kim Smith

  164. Debbie Timms

    My feet are most comfy resting on my hubby’s belly while snuggled up in our lovely comfy bed! lol x I’ve liked on facebook x

  165. Tina Lockett

    on my husbands lap with his hands working magic on them. Its bliss and I would pay good money for it!
    am following on twitter

  166. Jayne K

    When I’m wearing fitflops.

    Have liked on Facebook and am following on Twitter. @jaizduck

  167. elaine robinson

    i have some slippers that you warm in the microwave on a cold winters night they feel wonderful and warm.

  168. merryl cain-o'grady

    my foot are cumfy is when i have warm socks on and put them under my hot water bottle in bed

  169. Aileen

    I’m a bare foot babe. My feet are always naked at home and that’s when they’re most comfy!

  170. jane

    My feet are most comfy after my boyfriend as gave them a loving massage. I love my feet been looked after and cared for. I am following you on twitter @tigerfanjane

  171. kim houghton

    they are most comfy when ive got me feet up on the poufee

  172. tony houghton

    they are most comfy when ive got me feet up on the poufee

    liked on facebook

  173. robin wilson

    My feet are most comfortable when ive coated them in peppermint foot cream then put my thermal socks on.. the cooling mint cream combined with the heat from the thermal socks make my feet feel there in heaven

  174. lorraine polley

    after a long shift (12hrs) wearing the most unflattering safety boots, my lovely fluffy leopard print slippers, heaven!!

  175. Teresa Measures

    My feet feel the most comfiest after a long days work, just being able to put my comfy slippers on and relax.

  176. Diane D

    My feet are most comfy when I wear a pair of soft, wooly socks.

  177. Cheryl M

    When I’m upright, my feet are most comfortable shoeless on my really thick, deep sitting-room carpet. But actually they’re most comfortable when my weight’s off them and I’m lying in bed!

  178. Linda Guest

    My feet are always at their best
    When they are in a bootie nest
    I’ll walk through snow and rain and sleet,
    With Whooga Ugg boots on my feet.

    p.s I’ve followed and liked on facebook 🙂

  179. Paul Witney

    My favourite slippers. Can’t wait to get them on after a long day.

  180. Lindy Hine (@LindyHine)

    My feet feel most comfy after a lovely hot bath, then smothered in body butter and in a pair of soft fluffy socks – making my tootsies feel truely pampered 🙂
    I follow Whooga on FB as Lindy Hine

  181. Carolina J.

    Socks at home in winter, barefeet in summer, trainers for my walks!

    I’ve followed on Twitter (@pandcands).

  182. Deborah Bird

    What makes my feet most comfy is fresh clean bed sheets!
    I am following on twitter, @zebedee01

  183. Samantha Wesley

    I love my slipper boots, they are so old but I can’t bear to throw them out – they are SO comfy!

    I’ve liked on Facebook – SJ Wesley
    and Followed on Twitter @samanthawesley

  184. Holly Green

    When they touch the sand for the first time on a well earned holiday!

    • Holly Green

      eeek sorry forgot to add following on twitter @flamingice48 (I know you said only comment once but I can’t delete my last one!)

  185. Paula Evans

    My feet are most comfiest au naturele I feel best bare footed and never wear any thing on feet in house and garden.

    Followed Twitter @yeolderockchick
    Liked FB Paula MoonFairy Evans


  186. Beth Bowdler

    I have followed on Facebook and Twitter. I’m afraid I’m a Crocs wearer, all day and every day. My feet have never been so comfortable in their life.

  187. Melanie Gardiner

    My feet are at their most comfy when I’ve got a lovely pair of fluffy slouchy socks on.

  188. Daisy Bryan

    My feet feel most comfy walking along a soft sandy beach on a lovely hot day 🙂

  189. louise

    My feet are most comfy when in the garden in summer with nothing on – I love feeling the grass between my toes 🙂 xx

  190. Katherine Lawson

    My feet are the most comfortable when I get home from a long day, kick off my shoes and slip them into my cosy slippers! Nothing beats those … other than maybe these Whooga boots! xx

    I’m following Whooga boots on Twitter and FB (@KookyKaty)

  191. Hannah Whitling

    For me its having my dog lie near my feet on my bed overnight (thats on and not in!), she makes the bed really warm without a hot water bottle getting in the way.

  192. Laura Lott

    My feet love being inside my cosy fleecy bed socks! 🙂

    Following on twitter @Laura_Cookies

  193. Elisabeth Barnwell

    My feet are most comfy in my fake ugg boots warm and snugg am following you on facebook do not have a twitter account,would love to win a pair of your boots they look lovelyx

  194. strawberrisc Smith

    I got a lovely pair of socks in Amsterdam – they have slots for all the toes – like gloves for the feet! They make me feel really snuggly !

    Joanna Smith on Facebook
    Also following on Twitter strawberrisc

  195. wendy Harris

    Burying my careworn tootsies in hot damp sand when I’m on holiday somewhere warm .
    Nothing beats the scrunchy feeling caressing my feet .
    A holiday for toes :-)))

  196. Adrian Clarke

    After a hard days work , my cheesers told me that they like nothing more than to be dipped into there own little foot spa followed by a soft towel rub and a comfy pair of fury slippers!

  197. Amanda Goldston

    I love to soak my feet in warm water in a bowl in front of the fire, dry them with a soft towel then rub soothing mint cream into them, pur on my favourite fluffy socks and slip my feet into my old furry sluppers. Luxury pampering for special feet.
    Followed on Facebook – Amanda Karen G. Goldston and followed on Twitter @Amanda36gold

  198. Sue Robinson

    My slanket is the comfiest thing in the world 🙂

    I am following on facebook and twitter @srobbo71

  199. Kat Carr

    I follow whooga on twitter and i loveeee my slipper boots that i have, wear them when i get in from work, i have really bad circulation in my feet and have too wear 2 pairs of socks everyday! Its ridiculous, my doc told me to invest in a pair of ugg boots but whos got £200 to buy a pair of them 🙁
    My leopard print slipper boots are the best but they are only for in house only i wear slipper socks and my boots outside haha Xxxx

  200. jamesmum

    i love my lovely bed socks, they are so comfy. x

    ive followed on twitter @jamesmum15
    ive liked you on facebook james mum

  201. chris williams

    my feet are most comfy in my fitflops when I go out or go for long walks. If indoors then there is nothing like barefoot on my soft carpet or on the warm conservatory floor in summer.

  202. samantha Smith

    I love a hot bath, cream and then my lovely fluffly slippers .

  203. Emily Hutchinson

    I’ve got some hand knitted socks that i love, they’re stripey and gorgeous and keep my feet lovely and warm.

    I’ve followed on facebook 🙂

  204. nicola white

    i feel most comfy after a good nights sleep and fresh for the next day xxxxx also liked you on facebook

  205. michelle corbett

    follow on twitter @michellec79
    my feet are the best when I have a foot spa

  206. Lisa Williams

    my feet are most comfy when i rub them together after a warm bath and are wrapped up in my ultra soft fleece blanket whilst they soak up my lovely foot cream. x

  207. cherylf1978@yahoo.co.uk

    I like Whooga on facebook.
    I feel most comfortable in my pjs with my slippers on! x

  208. carol phile

    my big furry dog climbing up on the couch and wrapping himself around my feet – snuggly 🙂

  209. Carol-Anne Rous

    My feet are most comfy when I’m barefoot! My hubby thinks I should’ve been a gypsy. I’d love a pair of shoes or boots that made my feet that comfy!
    Followed on facebook.

  210. Joanna Sawka

    A feet massagge :)))
    following on twitter as @joanna_kow

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