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I had a tweet from a friend about 10 days ago who said something along the lines of – I tried This Water today and looked on your blog to see if you’d reviewed it yet because I always look there when I try something new. Thanks Jade 🙂 Well I hadn’t reviewed it yet, although I have drunk the stuff before. Then, when I was at Gatwick last weekend and fancied something to drink, my other half got me a bottle of the very same drink – a sign I should write about it perhaps? So here goes!

This Water with Raspberries and Apples

This Water came from developments at Innocent (the smoothie company), and as such the companies have very similar visions and beliefs. It’s about making natural products, using the best ingredients, being careful how the world is impacted, and of course having fun. What they have created is four spring water based drinks blended with fruit.

This Water with Raspberries and Apples

It was This Water with apples and raspberries that I tried at some ungodly hour at the airport – and I was really impressed. It was certainly refreshing. The taste of raspberries and apples was quite subtle – definitely a water based drink – but it did have a sweetness and a lovely flavour. They are very good at pointing out that this is real fruit here, not concentrates or artificial anythings, which is good to know. And it does notice in the flavour – I mean, it tastes natural and it is the colour you’d expect something raspberry-tinted to be.

This Water with Raspberries and Apples

I do wonder why it’s a 420ml bottle and not the more standard 500ml bottle. Possibly to keep the price point down? I bought mine in an airport so it was expensive anyway. Whatever the reason I do feel I missed out on that 80ml. Shame.

And if you’re conscious of corporate responsibly and the need to help others then you’ll be pleased that each bottle of This Water gives one person in Malawi clean drinking water for a month through the Pump Aid scheme. You’ll need to drink a lot of This Water to sort the country’s water problems out, but it’s a start.

This Water with Raspberries and Apples

Overall, This Water is absolutely refreshing and I plan on trying the other flavours sometime soon.

2 Responses

  1. Jade

    I didn’t think it was possible but I now love your blog even more!!

    Ive only tried the oranges and lemons flavour which which was really good and so refreshing but I will definitely try this flavour too now I’ve seen your verdict!

    Its quite an expensive drink but so good for every now and again!!

  2. crystaljigsaw

    Great review. My mum drinks all flavoured water but I’m afraid I’m just a plain gal, and only drink plain water!!

    CJ x

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