Discover Lincolnshire Weekend

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Lincolnshire have a really great thing going on this weekend… it’s been named “Discover Lincolnshire” and basically means that loads of attractions in the county have been made free for the weekend. Such a good idea – so often it’s the places closest to us that we fail to visit, and this gives everyone a chance.

I spent my day at Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln Castle and the Medieval Bishop’s Palace – just three of the tourist attractions that are free this weekend only… actually I’ve visited them all before but couldn’t resist the chance to go again for nothing. And of course I took my camera with me.

Lincoln Cathedral Nave

There were no chairs in the Nave area of the Cathedral today, which makes the place look even more massive. It really is a spectacular building. Actually, there was just one chair…

Lincoln Cathedral Nave Chair

Lincoln Cathedral Coloured Pillar

The light shines through the stained glass windows (which mostly depict Bible stories) giving the stone a rather hippy look. In the Choir there is a magnificent organ and some of the usual church-ornaments.

Lincoln Cathedral Choir

Lincoln Cathedral Choir Books

I took the opportunity to go on the Cathedral tower tour (which wasn’t free but it was only £3), which meant I was able to get eye level with the Bishop’s Eye window.

Lincoln Cathedral Bishop Eye Round Window

It also meant I walked up a 338 (or so) spiral staircase, stood by Great Tom when it chimed two o’clock, and got to see the amazing view from the top.

Lincoln Cathedral Tower View

Lincoln Cathedral Tower View Across South Lincoln

There was lots going on in the grounds of the Castle, including archery, some re-enactments, and a birds of prey display.

Birds of Prey at Lincoln Castle

Birds of Prey at Lincoln Castle

Oh, and of course there was lots of food available – the Continental Market was in town, so I treated myself to a pizza made to order in a traditional oven. I did wonder whether it should have been a more local market seeing as the event was “Discover Lincolnshire”, but I’m certainly not complaining as my pizza was yummy!

Pizza Oven

The city, especially the Bail area, was heaving, so the weekend had the desired effect! So much so that I didn’t get to go up onto the Castle walls because they closed them (more than once) due to the numbers. Great for Lincoln though, there was a real buzz about the place. It was a nice clear day too which obviously helped, as did the Continental Market serving up food between the Cathedral and Castle.

You can see more about Discover Lincolnshire on the Visit Lincolnshire website – and hopefully if you didn’t go anywhere today you’ll have seen this early enough to do something with your Sunday, or you’ll at least be watching out for next year’s event dates (I really hope they do it again). Thanks Lincolnshire for giving me a fabulous get outdoors day on my doorstep.

As always, if you like my photos thanks very much, but please don’t use them for anything without asking 🙂

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