Sunshine Award Meme

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The lovely Alison from Dragons and Fairy Dust tagged me in the Sunshine Award meme a little while ago now (thank you). I guess the idea of these things is to learn a few interesting things about the person behind the blog, so I thought I’d better respond with answers to the questions…

Sunshine Award Meme

Favourite Colour

Green. Obviously! I’m not worried about what shade but it has to be a “good” green, not a yukky washed out one. It’s known as a calming colour and reminds me of the outdoors too. Green is big in fashion at the moment but unfortunately my funds aren’t allowing me to partake – I’d really love a bright green snow jacket for my next ski trip so will have to keep my eyes open at the end of the season. When I go to Florida in the Autumn I will be looking for a pair of green Converse low tops to bring back as a bit of a souvenir.

Favourite Animal

Come on… you all know the answer to this… bunnies!  I have to say that or my two mini lop does would be really disappointed in me and might stop loving me! But it’s also true 🙂

Ginger Bunny

Favourite Number

Do people actually have favourite numbers? I’m not sure. Well I don’t have one. I can’t think of one that stands out above any other. I mean – I could pick anything. How about 2012 because that’s now and I reckon now is a pretty good time to enjoy.

Favourite Non Alcoholic Drink

You just can’t beat a nice cup of tea. Mine’s white with no sugar, thanks.

Facebook or Twitter

Twitter for sure. I like the immediacy. I like the conversations and the sharing of information (and jokes). I like how your reach goes way beyond your friend base – and that’s individuals and companies. I also like how I can post at any time of day and can be pretty sure someone will reply!  I do have facebook too and like that for sharing stuff with friends (and Google+ which is still growing on me).

My Passion

A passion is a strange thing. Some people have one hobby or interest they can call their passion. I have many – music, blogging, photography etc. Some people live for one cause and call that their passion, but I have several. But as far as my passion goes it stems from my mantra – life is all about the journey. Sometimes we have to remember it’s not necessarily where we are going, but how we get there and what memories we make along the way.  I am determined to make the most of now, be positive, make a difference where I can, and if I can inspire others to make the most of their now in the process than that’s fantastic.

Getting or Giving Presents

Both!!! No-one can say they don’t like getting presents! I love being given gifts, especially when someone has really thought about it. It is very flattering to be given a gift. But I also love giving presents, I love thinking what to get and trying to tailor the gift to the person – and watching people open gifts too, there is a proper joy associated with that.

Favourite Pattern

Hardest question of the bunch. Favourite pattern? Hmmm. You mean like what you get on wallpaper? Or on carpet? Or clothes? Not a clue.

Favourite Day of the Week

Saturday!!! Well Saturdays when I’m not at work anyway. My least favourite day of the week is a Thursday. It used to be Monday for the obvious reason but actually by Thursday I’m shattered, it’s a long day, I don’t have time for getting outside except in my lunch break, and it still seems like a long way from the weekend. Saturdays are the best because they are the first day of the weekend – I have a whole day make plans with or do nothing with however the mood (or need) takes me.

Favourite Flower

I have two. Daffodils are pretty awesome because they signal the end of the winter and the start of Spring (well they normally do, this year has been a bit odd). And roses are just beautiful – my Nan had one named after her called Constance, so that’s pretty special.


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