Sportswear Problem

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I have a sportswear problem.

More to the point, I have a jogging/tracksuit bottom problem.

I currently have two pairs. One pair of adidas tracksuit bottoms that are boys aged 13 I think that I have had since I was probably 14/15 maybe 16. Yes they are at least 15 years old and I hang my head in shame for that! They fit although they are well worn, and as my chosen pair for cycling to work one pair just isn’t enough. And really at that age these should find their way into the clothes bag.

The other pair is a pair of plain black joggers by Pineapple, which have holes in. I use them (yes, with holes) for most of my walking training and also netball and anything else I get up to. I can wear them with a long tshirt because of the location of the holes near the top on the side, but really they are done for.

So for the last few weeks I’ve been trying to find a couple of new pairs so I can decommission the blue adidas tracksuit bottoms and throw away the pair with holes in. And as my followers on twitter will know,  I’m stuck.

I’ve tried on what seems like 100s of pairs of tracksuit bottoms, running leggins, training pants, joggers and capri pants – it’s probably more like 30 but it’s still an awful lot. I’m well used to the changing rooms in Debenhams, Sports Direct, JJB Sports and my local Intersport, and today I tried Marks and Spencer and Primark. I’ve given the really cheap and the much more expensive a go, although the expensive isn’t really an option. And it is fair to say that I am now fed up of trying them on. In fact today at lunch time I just decided to give up and moan about it on here instead.

In some cases the problem is style. I don’t want valour, I don’t want numbers or words all over them, I don’t want thin shiny material that shows off all my bumps and lumps. But the main problem is fit. Not enough material around the thigh area, too much material in the length. I am a size 10/12 depending on the shop or brand with larger than average legs, and I have a 29-30 inch leg or so. So I’m not really asking for much am I? The biggest issue area is the thigh. It’s like I have to lose inches before I can fit into the clothing. I’ve had thighs this big since I was a young teenager, so that’s not going to happen, and it doesn’t seem right.

I know that how you look in exercise gear shouldn’t matter, but comfort does, and I know I wouldn’t be comfortable in a pair of trousers that were just a tad too tight around the thigh, or a tad too loose around the middle that I need to keep pulling up. I know I’m an odd shape but I’m bored of it all now.  I just want pretty plain, comfortable, ordinary tracksuit bottoms. It’s all making me pretty fed up and doesn’t make me want to do any exercise at all!

Sorry, rant over.

So what do I do now? Where else can I look? I absolutely have to try on – that’s become very evident – so it’s got to be high street really. Or a company with easy and free returns. What brands and styles should I go for? What technology is important in exercise clothing?

Should I just go for bog standard everyday leggins and wear super baggy tshirts over to cover up my bum?!

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    • Splodz

      Oh don’t get me started on jeans… Same shop, same size, same style – one pair will fit, one pair won’t. Ridiculous.

  1. Jade

    I have a similar problem with this kind of trouser but my problem is I have long legs (34inches) and so finding a pair long enough is a challenge, and I’ve never been able to find appear that are for girls and fit my legs! It’s horrible 🙁

  2. Corrine shimmon

    My mum is the same, to go round her hips/thighs they’re too loose at the waist… But honestly, she just buys them to fit her legs then takes them in an inch or two on the waist. It stays strong, and the elastication still works brilliantly but it makes them easy to find- and for whatever price she’s willing to pay.

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