Aspire Calorie Burning Drink

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Testing this product for Splodz Blogz came out of an interesting conversation on twitter – another blogger was testing it and several of us just didn’t get what it was about. So Aspire offered to send us some too.

Aspire Calorie Burning Drink

Aspire is a “calorie burning drink”. Yes, you read that right – it claims to burn 209 calories by drinking it. Too good to be true? Well the marketing literature suggests not…

Aspire is an enticing, lightly carbonated cranberry flavoured soft drink that contains a combination of ingredients which create a thermogenic reaction, increasing your metabolism helping you to burn calories. Aspire has been tested by a leading British laboratory and is proven to burn an average of 209 calories (Kcals) per can.

Looking at the active ingredients I see there is quite a bit of caffeine in it. Ah – so this drink makes you you burn calories because you get energy to do stuff after drinking it? Like Mountain Dew or Red Bull? Well not really, because those high energy drinks are always full of sugar, which this doesn’t have. Each 250ml can only has about 25 calories or so in it, so nothing like Lucozade.

Apparently it’s the Guarana Extract, Green Tea Extract and L – Carnitine that assist in raising the body’s metabolism, supresing appetite, accelerating weight loss and potentially playing a vital role in the oxidisation of fat and aid in the weight loss process.

You all know I’m no scientist and I have no proof that says this did or didn’t help me burn calories. I’m always wary of trying things like this – I mean, stuff that is designed to react with your metabolism might also have other effects and I’m always worried about messing with the body I’ve been given. But I can say that this tasted nice, had no ill-effect (well from the four cans I drank within a week), and seemed to perk up my energy levels.

Aspire Calorie Burning Drink

Science aside, I think this drink tastes good. The cranberry and green tea flavour is herbal on the tongue and quite dry, but I like that. Definitely best straight from the fridge and even over ice, I found this quite refreshing and would happily sit in the sunshine sipping away. At £1.75 per can it’s pricey but I guess that’s due to the claimed benefits – how much would you pay that a day to go to a gym and burn 209 calories on the treadmill? Well I don’t do that I use the outdoors for my calorie burning which is free…

Aspire Calorie Burning Drink

So I guess the Splodz Blogz jury is still out on this one. A nice tasting drink, fantastic for the summer, and scientifically proven to burn calories without you needing to do anything. This is something you could get addicted to without ever really knowing if it was working. I don’t know. I’ll leave it for you to decide.

You can find out more about Aspire on their website.

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