Walk the Walk London MoonWalk

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It is now less than four weeks til I join thousands of other women (and some men) to take part in this year’s Walk the Walk London MoonWalk.

This is a marathon power walk through the centre of London in the middle of the night.

Walk the Walk London MoonWalk

Not only is it a marathon, and so a massive physical (and mental) challenge, in addition all participants will discarding training tops and tshirts and just wearing a bra. Eek! The idea is to openly show our support to breast cancer sufferers. Our bras will be decorated to the theme “Rockin’ around the World” – I’m thinking motorbikes and guitars but I haven’t started my creation yet.

I’ve been taking this thing seriously and have been training as much as I can over the last few months. So far my longest training walk is 18.8 miles which I did a couple of Saturdays ago, and I have plans for at least two more long walks between now and 12th May.

The whole point of me doing this is to raise money for Walk the Walk:

As a grant making charity, it means that everybody taking part in their challenges is raising money for Walk the Walk. The charity then looks at various projects and campaigns that are involved with breast cancer and grants funds to where we know it will make the most difference. It is our policy to look at projects that perhaps would not easily find funding, and to those that would perhaps take many years to achieve their goals and assist them in reaching them in a shorter time. We support research, which we feel is our future, and certainly over the past 13 years some ground breaking research has been made, not only into the causes of breast cancer but also identifying cancer genes and consequently improving the treatments. We also fund emotional and physical support for those that have cancer now.

If you know me you will know that all of a sudden the idea of raising money for a cancer charity has become all the more significant. We are all affected by cancer in some way, and recently a relative has been diagnosed with the disease. Not breast cancer, but it still brings home the importance of raising money for charities that work to help and treat those who need it. While I’ve done fundraising for Cancer Research UK and Macmillan in the past, right now this is very important to me.

So please, if you can, head over to my fundraising page and sponsor me for this challenge – I’m hoping to raise at least £250…


Walking a marathon through London in the middle of the night showing off my bra to the world has got to be worth a few quid?! Thanks in advance!


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