Summer Legs from FatFace

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I visit FatFace regularly. There’s one not far from where I work and I love their clothing – style and fit. At the moment it is full of gorgeous colours – dulled pinks and greens, blues and caramels. My wish list is ever expanding…

There are two trouser styles that I’m really loving, both a bit of a change from my normal choice of jeans.

FatFace Tapered Chinos in Green Haze

With wide thighs I’m always wary of tapered trousers but I tried these tapered chinos on and reckon they look good. I love the green haze colour – lovely for spring and into summer. Available in a wide range of colours they are the sort of trouser you’ll need more than one pair of. £40.

FatFace Linen Trousers in Terracotta

You can’t beat the comfort of a pair of linen trousers, especially for travelling. I tried these on in the terracotta – I’d probably call it a dusty pink – and they felt fantastic. Really comfortable around the waste, and nice and wide for sitting around or all day on your feet. I have to turn up the bottoms because they’re a touch too long for me, but that works ok with this sort of style. £45.

Only problem is it’s so expensive for me. Ah well… hopefully they’ll have a sale soon!

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  1. Alison

    I always found the linen trousers I tried get really crumpled. The other ones look nice though

  2. LadyBanana

    I was looking at the Fat Face website a few days ago and was impressed with what I saw. Must make a visit, pity there isn’t one that close to me.. or maybe it’s good as I’d want too many things!

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