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This is a lovely looking, nice to use app that makes the most of the iPad especially if you also have a stylus.  Instinctive to use, as all apps should be, this is a sketching and doodling app that you can use to create some quite beautiful drawings.

Well you could create some beautiful drawings if you had the time and the skill…

Paper by FiftyThree Drawing

Paper by FiftyThree Drawing

The idea here is that you have a whole load of sketch books, that you can add to and customise yourself. Each one can be for a different purpose. Maybe you like to sketch when on holiday – create a book for each trip. Each book has from 10 pages which you tap on to use. Navigate your way through each book by swiping, and use the pinch motion to close the book and open a different one.

Paper by FiftyThree Sketch Books

I really like the way this app allows you to sketch properly. Using the nib pen tool (the default tool) you can draw thin even lines if you use slow even strokes, and more calligraphic lines if you “swoosh” faster across the screen. It’s lovely, feels really close to using an actual pen (even better when you use a stylus).

Paper by FiftyThree Colours

Once you’ve finished a drawing, or some jotted notes (although I can’t see why you’d use this for writing copious amounts of notes, there are plenty of decent note taking apps that use a keyboard for that), you can email a page to yourself, or share it on facebook or twitter. The email tool is very useful if you want to share an idea with a friend.

Paper by FiftyThree Share

This app’s downfall, though, is that to use anything other than a normal nib pen you have to make an in-app purchase. It’s such a shame. I’d rather pay something for an app in the first place and then have the whole thing to use as I want. I really don’t like in-app purchasing, although this isn’t quite as bad as when you download a game only to discover you can’t play it until you pay some money. I guess the argument is that Paper is perfectly fine with just the pen if you are happy with the single stroke type, and so you don’t necessarily need the additional tools, like a pencil, fineliner or brush. These cost £1.49 each or £5.49 for all five. And I guess they never run out like an actual pen. But it does limit what you can actually do. It’s nice that Paper is free to begin with, just a shame that it’s not the full thing.

That aside, I do like Paper, and enjoy doodling on it. If you’ve got an iPad and enjoy drawing then this is a must-have app at least to have a play with.

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  1. LadyBanana

    I’ve had a play with this on my partners iPad. He bought all the brushes and they are really lovely.

    The only draw back is that I am absolutely hopeless at drawing 🙁

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