Gadget Show World Tour

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So what did you think of the new series of Gadget Show? The Gadget Show World Tour is a new take on the Channel Five television show.

It was a couple of months ago that Suzi Perry, Ortis Deley and Jon Bentley tweeted that they’d been sacked. No idea what went on there but some fans went a bit mental. I was certainly disappointed. How dare Channel Five get rid of our favourite presenters and as such ruin the programme!

Thankfully all five presenters were part of Gadget Show Live this year.

The new programme is Jason Bradbury and Pollyanna Woodward travelling the globe trying out tech. The first episode, filmed in Tokyo, Japan, was full of what I love about The Gadget Show – demonstrating new tech and showing how it can be used in a ridiculous challenge. I enjoyed it, the style was as it’s always been, and it was great seeing Jason do what he obviously loves – playing with robots. Although I’m not sure of the interview style pieces to camera when Jason and Pollyanna were reflecting on the tech – the voices seemed a bit put on and over emotive, obviously rehearsed.

The first episode was good but am still disappointed Suzi, Ortis and Jon are missing. I love Jason and Pollyanna and they do a great job joining tech with entertainment, but I wonder if just the two of them will get a bit monotonous as the series goes on when we are used to five people.

Go on then… what did you think?

PS If you missed it, the first episode of The Gadget Show World Tour is repeated on Channel 5 tomorrow (Wednesday 25th April) at 7pm.

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