Pull on Your Wellies and Get Outside

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Rain rain rain rain rain rain rain. It’s been the story of April so far. Ever since we were told we were in the midst of a drought and were banned from using our hosepipes. Rain. And not just light showers either. Big heavy globules of wetness. Rain storm after rain storm. Yuk. People keep telling me this is what April is normally like, but it’s just relentless rain. I don’t think much to it.

This all totally gets in the way of getting outdoors… well unless you have some decent waterproofs and a pair of decent shoeswellies! Suddenly the weather doesn’t matter when you’re wearing wellies.

I’ve got a pair of chocolate brown Rockfish Rider wellington boots that I’ve had a few years now, chosen because I wanted something plain (I admit I’m not a big fan of patterned wellies) that wasn’t traditional green. They were a present and I love them a lot. But recently I’ve been coveting my friend’s Hunters…

Hunter Original Tall Boots in Olive and Purple

These are what I think of when I think wellies. A pair of original tall Hunter wellington boots in olive green. Classic. Useful. They do some great colours too – the navy blue or purple are my favourites I think, or there’s always black for a very traditional look.

I hadn’t realised that Hunter wellies also come in a short dumpy version until I saw them recently on Spartoo – these would be perfect for my wider-than-I’d-like legs as they stop before I get too wide! I reckon they’re probably easier to get on and off too. I like them, ankle welly boots, perhaps not so good for traipsing through a swamp, but great for stormy days or muddy festivals.

Hunter Original Short in Black

If I was buying myself a new pair of wellies today I reckon I’d pick these Aigle Malouine rubber boots. I love the traditional maritime look, the white stripes work really nicely on the navy boot, very nautical which makes loads of sense for a pair of welly boots. These are short too – only 2cm taller than the Hunter short boots and cheaper (half the price, in fact). There’s even a cotton lining for comfort. Yep, I reckon could rock these in the next rain storm that hits Lincolnshire.

Aigle Malouine Marine Rubber Boots

Go on then… get yourself out in the rain in your wellies (and with any luck this post will have forced the sun out so we don’t actually need our welly boots for a few weeks now!).

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Spartoo but I have not been told what to write about and I have been no less honest as a result. 

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