Biker Buddy – A Research Project

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Biker Buddy IconAre you a motorcyclist with an Android phone?

If so then you should take a look at Biker Buddy.

This is a new app designed to look at the way motorcyclists might use smart phones to plan and execute social rides.

Biker Buddy is an Android app developed for an academic research project into the use of mobile and social applications for planning and undertaking social motorcycle rides.

The application is designed to be used by motorcyclists arranging the rides or just taking part, and runs on Android devices owned by the motorcyclists. Your part in this evaluation is to use the application on your own Android device to plan and/or join social motorcycle rides, and to track your location during rides, and then answer a series of questions.

To help with the MSc research project you need to download the (free) app, have a play with it, and then complete the survey on the website.

Have a look at the Biker Buddy website for more information and to download the app.

And make sure you tell all your biker friends about the project too! Cheers 🙂

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