Outdoor Beanbag by Next

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When you sit outside do you have a sun lounger? Or spread a towel or blanket on your lawn? How about an outdoor beanbag?

Next Outdoor Bean Bags

I saw this on the Next website and felt the need to share. It is an Outdoor Tub Chair – a bean bag chair that is water resistant and suitable for using inside and outside. It looks so slouchy and comfy. I want one.

I have to point out the description does tell you not to leave it outside permanently, I guess unwanted animals might find it a comfortable home, and if it rains heavily it’ll just get soggy. But for days like today it would be lovely. I could just see myself coming back from a long walk, kicking my boots off and slouching about in this for a while.

See these Outdoor Tub Chairs on the Next website – available in strawberry and red. They are £60 each.

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