Herman the Friendship Cake

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Have you heard about the friendship cake that is currently making its way through the country, continent even? He’s called Herman and he’s alive…

Herman is a German friendship cake that has been going for many years. Basically he’s a sour dough batter that you receive from a friend – ours came from my mother-in-law. Over the course of ten days you look after Herman on your kitchen work top, stirring (and talking to) him, feeding him with sugar, flour and milk, to encourage him to grow. He bubbles away in the bowl lapping up all the attention.

On day nine you split Herman into five portions, keeping one yourself to bake and eat, and giving four away to friends for them to start the process again. And so Herman has many cousins.

We baked ours the traditional way – adding grated apple and mixed nuts along with even more sugar, flour, milk and some eggs. After a hour in the oven and a little time to cool I thought Herman tasted fab – perfect just slightly warm. Very yummy.

Herman the Friendship Cake - Batter

Herman the Friendship Cake - Cooked

Herman the Friendship Cake - Sliced

Unfortunately I don’t think anyone wanted our Herman batter, my colleagues at work weren’t enthusiastic about the idea. So our Herman died. Hope if you get one it survives a bit longer!

  1. Yvonne Crossland

    We had one in the last few weeks, they are amazing when cooked!!!

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