2012 in 2012 – May Update

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I have to say I am pretty proud of my body at the moment. This month it managed to complete two big challenges within a few days of each other. I can definitely say I’ve made something of my get outdoors resolution this month!

The Walk the Walk London Moonwalk was on Saturday 12th, which was a marathon walk through London, overnight, wearing a bra I decorated myself. I completed the 26.2 miles with my friend Bec in 7 hours 40 minutes.

Walk the Walk Moonwalk Finish

Then the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge was on Saturday 19th – 27 miles of tough terrain across three of Yorkshire’s highest hills. It took me and Ray, who was using the challenge to raise money for charity, 11 hours 30 minutes to complete the hike, 30 minutes within the traditional challenge time. We’ll take that.

Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge - Ingleborough

So thank you feet and legs for not complaining too much, for keeping me upright, for recovering quickly from the Moonwalk so I could take part in the Yorkshire walk within a week, and for not reminding me of my endeavours too much since.

2012 in 2012 Summary, Thursday 31st May

Total for May >> 176.9 km (including 148.8 km walking)

Total for 2012 >> 1,027.4 km

Average per day (152 days) >> 6.75 km

Remaining >> 984.6 km to go

Apart from the two big challenges I have also spent time walking around my local countryside. I love where I live – I am in a village on the outskirts of Lincoln and I am so close to the countryside it’s fantastic. And no, Lincolnshire isn’t totally flat, these are the views that I climb up the hill to see.

View to Lincoln from the Viking Way

View over Lincoln from the Viking Way

Onwards to June and I’m hoping that the passion for walking I’ve rekindled these last few months doesn’t die away. The mountain bike is back out of the garage too after a little while being left in favour of my walking shoes. Here’s to a month of great weather and lots of km in the great outdoors.

Oh and I’m going to be an Olympic Torchbearer before my next update too!

How are your 2012 challenges going?

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