Should I Like Creepers?

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I am afraid to say I am really liking creepers. These are the platform flat shoes with thick soft soles from brands such as TUK.

TUK Creepers


I don’t own a pair, I’ve been toying with the idea, trying to work out if they’d look ok. I mean, I only ever see them on girls (and guys) with looooong skinny legs… something which I don’t pretend to have; and girls and guys who have some height… again, something which I definitely don’t have.

I’ve seen loads of “celebs” wear them, but that doesn’t generally make me want something, it’s the people wandering around town donning them that makes me wonder if I should get some. They wear them with skinny jeans or leggins. I recently had a conversation on twitter about them with Tara from The Style Rawr – she bought some as a result and looks totally amazing in them. Take a look.

Creepers have always been a bit eccentric. Despite being around for decades they haven’t ever hit the main stream like many other types of shoe. They are still consirered a bit rebeleous. Punk rock fashion through and through. And I like them. I think they appeal because they look a bit different but also comfortable.

You can get these Tuk creepers from Spartoo for £54.99 upwards – a bit much for a risk really. But there are other brands that you can get for cheaper. It’s very tempting.

What do you think? Do you have a punk style that could rock these? Could I?!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Spartoo but I have not been told what to write about and I have been no less honest as a result. 

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